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How to Get a House Designed From a Freelance Architect on Freelancer

Learn how to get a house designed by an architect on Freelancer.
4 thg 7, 2022 • 6 phút đọc
Ảnh bìa

What is a Freelance Architect?

Freelance architects are those who design buildings and other structures on a contract basis. They are essentially a practising architect in every sense of the word. Freelance architects differ only in that they are not employed by a firm, but rather work on their own initiative. It is their job to draw up the plans for each project, determine what kind of architecture is best for the area, and assist with construction remotely. AutoCAD and other digital drafting software are commonly used by freelance architects.
Architect’s Roles & Responsibilities:
Manage the project from beginning to end 
Create concepts that take into account the wants and needs of clients as well as building usage and environmental impact
Maintain compliance with applicable building codes, guidelines, and regulations at all times
Create a detailed plan for the project
Maintain budgets and deadlines in a timely manner
Ensure that the project is progressing as planned by conducting site inspections and reporting on the progress of the project
Keep abreast of new developments in architecture
Designing and drafting buildings, both by hand and with CAD software

Why do you need a Freelance Architect?

If you are in need of designing your homes or even a small business office, you may need service from freelance architects instead of architectural design firms. Hiring a freelance architect is way much cheaper and you can save every each of your pence. Below are some reasons why you should hire them to design your house:
You can obviously see the difference in project costs set by a freelance architect and architectural firm. Because of their lower overhead, freelance architects will cost you lower and save you money. Working with an architecture firm will incur additional costs.
In line with our expectations
Your freedom to alter or change the design is greater with a freelance architect than with a full-time architect. With larger architectural firms, this is nearly impossible, since bigger companies tend to have a lot of clients and can't afford a lot of iterations on each one. 
Fast works
When it comes to delivering projects on time, freelancers are known for their speed. In a world where every project goes through a series of meetings and revisions, it's hard to expect this from large companies.
Greater communication
The likelihood of misunderstandings is greatly reduced because all architecture-related requirements are handled by a single individual. Architects who work as freelancers tend to be more flexible with their schedules because they are able to set their own hours. 
Free stock photo of adult, architect, architecture
Source: Pexels is one of many platforms that can bring you to meet an actual expert who can help you to get your house designed as what you want. You can easily hire your Freelance Architect here.

What to look for in a Freelance Architect?

First of all, you need to be sure what kind of project you do. What works do you want from your architect? Some may want their architects to involve in the design stage only. 
Some might want them to go a step further and produce detailed drawings with technical specifications for the contractor to use in the construction of the building. 
In some cases, clients may prefer a full-service approach, which includes coordinating with the contractor on-site and serving as their liaison. For this, good communication skill is important to have.
Other skills to master:
Design skills- Designing and drafting buildings, both by hand and with CAD software
Math and science skills
Time management- Keep deadlines in a timely manner
Problem-solving skills
Presentation skills
Critical Thinking
Decision Making
There are some questions that you as a client may ask your architects to ensure that you have found the right person:
What is your expectation on time commitment and ways to meet? 
Ask your architect how much time they expect you to put in. Your architect will appreciate it if you can be as specific as possible about when and where you'd like to meet with them—in person, over the phone, etc.
How is your designing style?
To get a sense of an architect's approach to a particular style, ask to see examples of their previous work that are similar to what you're looking for
What and how do you show along the way to explain the project?
Inquire about how your architect intends to show you his or her work before construction begins. Were models, drawings, and computer animations going to be used in this project? Ideas, critiques, and adjustments can all be discussed during this time.
How can I trust you to complete my project on time and on budget?
An architect who is willing to put your financial needs ahead of aesthetic considerations is especially important if you are working with a limited budget. Inquire about their previous experience and insist that they explain any problems that may have arisen. 

How to find a Freelance Architect on 

To get work done on Freelancer, you can choose between starting a contest, posting a project, hiring directly, or even subscribing to let experts find the most suitable freelancer for you. 
A contest allows immediate and easy reviewing of a variety of submissions from freelancers. 
Some tasks may necessitate the use of just one skilled freelancer, and you may prefer to do so. Posting a job allows you to select from a pool of freelancers who have expressed interest in working with you.
Another option is allowing you to directly offer a project to a specific freelancer which might interest you.'s expert recruiters can help you find the perfect architect if you are having trouble finding one on your own. 
For hiring an Architect in house design, posting a project is the most suitable option.
Choose a name for your project
Provide a short and clear title.
Tell us more about your project
In this section, you will need to briefly describe about your project.
Example of the brief:
I’m looking for an experienced architect to design my new house. You need to produce detailed drawings with technical specifications for the contractor to use in the construction of the building. 
Design requirements are as follows:
Single-storey small house with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living room 
Materials used – timber
Other skills needed: Presentation, problem-solving, decision making and communication skills
This example of a template is perfect which gives a piece of brief information to freelancers on what specific skills that you are finding. This can save your time to filter project bidding and preview freelancers who are not qualified.
If you are run out of space to describe more about your projects, you can upload a document or even an image file that summarize your project details.
Setting a budget
A reasonable yet realistic budget should be set up. This job requires specific skills and experienced freelancers, hence the budget should be reasonable with level of expertise. The cost of hiring an architect depends on the size and complexity of the designs work. Most architects will cost you about $2,000 to $10,000 for a small house design project.
Make a Thorough Profile Check on Each Bid platform makes it easy for you to view freelancers’ profiles just at a glimpse. The best candidate should be the one with the verification sign of Preferred Freelancer and Verified by Freelancer staff in their profile. 
Freelancers with a good reputation denoted by star rating should be prioritized more since a higher star shows that they have completed all of their previous projects on time, and on budget. 
Checking their portfolios to see samples of their previous works also help in getting the right candidate for your project.  
How to Get a House Designed From a Freelance Architect on Freelancer - Image 1
Get a Feedback
In, there is a space for you to leave a feedback comment on the freelancer you have hired. Positive and high-praised comments speak themselves and should be highlighted. 
You can also directly ask the employers who previously hired that freelancers regarding their working attitude. Questions such as ‘how well the candidate worked out on previous projects’, ‘how they responded to the work pressure’ and ‘their commitment to meeting deadlines’ can be asked for.

How to work with your freelancer?

Once you have chosen the right freelancer for your project, you should contact them and finalize on the project planning, milestone payments as well as project timeline. 
Agreement policies are one of the most important factors to consider when hiring a resource, and should therefore be thoroughly understood before you decide to hire your architects. Every detail about your project should be informed to them so that they will fully understand and agreed on the whole project outline. 
Becoming an architect involves a series of tasks that need to be done and take a longer timescale, hence, you and your freelancer can be agreed on certain milestone payments to be released for when each work is done. 
Continuous communication is important for this kind of work. Hence, you are advised to always have an open communication with your freelancers through chat or other mediums.
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