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Our 10 favorite free WordPress templates

A beautiful website doesn't have to break the bank. These WordPress themes won't cost you a penny, but they'll add tons of value to your site.
12 thg 6, 2020 • 7 phút đọc
Cập nhật vào 11 thg 12, 2020 bởi Gauri G.
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Find out which WordPress templates can help you create a perfect website entirely free of cost

Today, the art of creating a website is more about aesthetics and less about coding. This is all thanks to website builders like WordPress. They offer ready-made platforms for you to create custom sites to reflect your product or personality. However, selecting the perfect template for your requirement can often prove to be a challenge. So, we have compiled a list of our favorite WordPress templates that are versatile, cater to a wide range of genres, and are absolutely free of cost.


astra free wordpress theme
Astra is our favorite WordPress theme for a number of reasons. The most important being the fact that this theme delivers on every aspect. It is certainly one of the most versatile and multipurpose themes. If you are hard-pressed for time and you want to launch your site at the earliest, the Astra can certainly help you do that.


Astra can be easily customized without any coding and comes with pre-built websites that can help you launch your portal that much faster. It offers different header options, layout settings, typography, and color options. But most importantly, it offers a load time of under 0.5 seconds which is a must to keep your visitors engaged.


Overall, Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes and offers a wide range of integrations including Beaver Builder, WooCommerce, Toolset, Yoast, etc. It is the best theme to help you launch your very first online store or website.


neve free wordpress theme
Neve is a truly modern and stylish theme from WordPress that is compatible with multiple page builder plugins. Whether you are a business selling a product or a freelancer selling services, this theme offers a clean design that makes your content stand out. It also offers easy customizations with respect to visual styles like font and color as well as numerous backgrounds.


The one stand-out feature of Neve is that it comes with in-built mega menus. They are really helpful, especially if you are struggling with organizing your navigation. You can easily add a whole bunch of pages without overcrowding your menu bar. The theme also comes with a vast amount of support documentation which is unusual for a free theme. This can be really helpful if you are using a website builder for the first time.


This comprehensive and responsive theme is designed to load extremely fast even when you utilize all of its features. And this kind of optimization can be really helpful in today’s competitive age.


hestia free wordpress theme
Hestia has made it to our list of favorite free WordPress templates because of its premium features. While the theme may seem simple to begin with, but it allows for an extremely quick setup to launch an eye-catching site.


As a theme Hestia is suitable for a number of products and businesses especially in the small or startup category. The slider area can help you highlight your brand or promotions and grow your client business by attracting new customers. It is an excellent choice for eCommerce ventures as it integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce. The product listings are well highlighted and elegantly spaced. You can even customize the site’s background with your brand.


Hestia is an all-encompassing theme from WordPress that you can launch without spending a cent from your pocket. It also comes with a truck-load of features that are typically included in paid templates making it an excellent choice to work with.


astrid free wordpress theme
Astrid is an excellent choice if you want a more professional website with business elements. Its numerous color and font options allow you to ensure that the final product is completely unique. One of its best features includes the blog options that can help you improve your SEO rankings.


Astrid offers some interesting components like language translation allowing people globally to access your site and become aware of your business. The template also comes with a wide header and you can easily display high-resolution pictures representing your products or services. Apart from the blog, you can also highlight key team members of your company or business. Such features can make your overall presentation look more vibrant and visual.


The template comes enabled with a very responsive design and including support for WooCommerce to help you sell in an easier manner. Overall, it is one of the very few templates that offer premium features at absolutely zero cost.


poseidon free wordpress theme
With its full-screen imagery capabilities, Poseidon is a perfect template choice if your business is heavily dependent on showcasing visuals. While its design and layout are fairly simple, it allows you to create a website that is neither cluttered nor confusing for the user.


Poseidon is especially suited for online publications like blogs and news portals. It is a lightweight theme that is highly responsive to different devices. It is very easy to create a custom home page and you can practically modify everything you want on the customizer. Further, you can post content in the form of slide shows to give your website an active dimension.


Poseidon is one of the best blog-style themes from WordPress. It allows for easy configuration and personalization and the final product offers excellent performance.


oceanwp free wordpress theme
OceanWP is popular not just for its clean and bold looks but also for its codebase that is developer-friendly. This can go a long way, especially, if you are gunning for a good number of customizations. This is an out of the box approach making this theme suitable for blogging or creating personal publication pages.


Other than the usable code base, the OceanWP theme offers an extension library to develop the theme’s functionality without touching the code. You can also edit setting specific to how the theme will be viewed on a mobile phone, a tablet, or any other mobile device.


This WordPress theme does not have a parent theme, so you are entitled to all of its features at no cost. This is a popular theme for blogs and works well with most page builders for easy setup.

Foodica Lite

foodica free wordpress theme
This elegant theme is specifically designed for food blogs or creating food recipe sites making it a perfect option if you are a food connoisseur or you want to publish your recipes. There are very few themes targeted specifically towards kitchen bloggers that are as elegant as Foodica.


The theme comes with an easy enough design and layout allowing you to create a welcoming website. The template also allows for easy navigation and enough customization to give the website your very own unique flavor. Most importantly, it comes with extensive documentation allowing you to set up the website without requiring professional assistance.


As one of the most comprehensive food-related templates, the Foodica lite is an excellent option. What is more? It integrates perfectly well with WooCommerce.


sydney free wordpress theme
Sydney template is primarily designed keeping in mind freelancers and businesses that have a heavy dependence on their online presence. Keeping this in mind, the theme offers elaborate customization options to help you stand out amongst the competition.


You just cannot miss the full-screen slider feature of this template that gives you the liberty to catch the attention of your customers. You can use this to display images or advertise promotions and these images can be static or slider. In short, the options are endless. Sydney as a theme also works perfectly well on mobile devices and comes with a variety of fonts allowing you to play around with typography as you please.


Overall, this is a highly interactive free template from WordPress that aims at strengthening your brand and giving you ample freedom to incorporate different elements to achieve this.


agama free wordpress theme
While this free theme from WordPress can be used for creating almost any type of website, it is most suitable for developing corporate business, web agency business, or other portfolio and photography related websites.


The slider feature is excellent for placing your portfolio and displaying your latest collection. Apart from this, the sticky header is instrumental in allowing users to gain easy access to different components and sections of your website. Predominantly, the theme is designed to be viewed on mobile devices although it comes out great on almost all devices.


Overall, the theme is fairly easy to work with and ideally suited for beginners or first-time users. It supports a design that is stylish as well as modern and can be achieved without paying a premium.


airi free wordpress theme
Last, but not least, Airi is one of the newest WordPress themes on our favorites list. Its well spaced-out design makes it stand out by giving your website a calm and open look and feel. This is an ideal theme for those trying to create a brand or carve a niche for themselves. This makes Airi highly suitable for freelancers, startups, agencies, etc.


The theme features a full-width prominent banner image right across the homepage that is hard to miss. You can also include customer testimonials in an attempt to cement your quality and increase your business. Next, it is easily aligned with Elementor making it a multipurpose theme. You can also modify colors, fonts, backgrounds by selecting from a wide range of options that are available.


This multipurpose and responsive theme integrates well with WooCommerce making it suitable for almost any kind of business or service offering.

Final words

Free themes from WordPress are the perfect retort to those who claim that free themes are not scalable, robust or well-supported. These 10 themes listed here are high in design as well as quality quotient and come absolutely free of cost. They come with hard to overlook functionality and features and are capable of making sure that your website stands out from the crowd. From elegant looking pages to striking layouts, these themes have covered your expectations entirely.
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