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Our 10 favorite Squarespace templates

Squarespace may not offer as many templates as its competitors, but it makes up for in quality what it lacks in quantity. Here are 10 we love
11 thg 5, 2020 • 7 phút đọc
Ảnh bìa

These 10 handpicked Squarespace templates are all-time favorites and can help you with your ideal website design

You have an excellent idea and you are all set to create a website around it. You have even researched different website builders and finally decided to go ahead with Squarespace. However, the vast number of templates available can seem overwhelming and you may not know where to begin. Since the template forms the foundation of how your website will look on screen, this is one decision that cannot be taken lightly. So, go ahead and browse through the following 10 templates that have proved their mettle and you are sure to find one that suits your requirement.

Galapagos: Favorite Squarespace template for ecommerce

While Galapagos might come across as simple and basic at first glance, it is anything but that. This fuss-free template is ideal for setting up an online business as it allows one of the most interactive consumer experiences. Also, it is fairly easy to set up. This is primarily because it offers very limited customization options.
squarespace template galapagos
This can work in your favor especially if you have no prior experience in designing a website. You hardly have to spend any time on the design or customization. Your entire focus can be on positioning your products such that they lead to revenue maximization.
If you are looking at getting your website up and running in the least possible time with all the ecommerce features, then Galapagos is the best option. Its salient features include a different style for the product page that offers all features of a Classic page along with three different landing page layouts. Other essential ecommerce features include image zoom, product quick review, hover features like alternate image, product information, color overlay options, etc.

Wexley: Favorite Squarespace template for creating a portfolio

While social media platforms like Facebook might have been enough in the past for photographers this is not the case anymore. A business’s ranking on a search engine is closely connected to an increase in future revenues. Therefore, a dynamic website is the need of the hour, and Wexley from Squarespace delivers this exactly.
squarespace template wexley
Squarespace’s Wexley template is famous for its elegant mosaic layout that perfectly highlights all the most creative aspects of your portfolio. What is more? This adaptive imagery along with a lightbox slideshow makes for an excellent visual impact for the visitor. Such features have made it one of the oldest and best Squarespace templates for showcasing photography portfolios. It is our top choice for photographers, artists, and other creative professionals.

Five: Favorite Squarespace templatefor blogs

Template Five was basically introduced to help Squarespace 5 customers transition to the Squarespace 6 version. Even though website designs have undergone massive changes since 2012 when Five was first launched, the template still remains highly relevant. In fact, it is one of the top options available for creating blogs.
squarespace template  five
This highly responsive template works well on any device and comes with not one but 2 sider bars. However, this template is not confined just for creating blogs. Five is versatile and flexible to suit almost any business requirement. It is one of the rare templates to include page-specific footer and header. You can use this to add different content blocks on either above or below the page content.

Brine: Favorite Squarespace business template

Brine belongs to a family of templates having the same functionalities. Or in other words, the brine family is essentially the same template showcased by Squarespace in multiple combinations for the user to see how they fit into their DIY website building projects. While this makes it highly convenient to work with, it is not the only reason why Brine is popular.
squarespace template brine
Brine has been an all-time favorite purely because of the immense number of features that it offers to the users. This not only makes the template highly flexible, but it also allows you to create a highly customized website that is unique to your business. It also comes with stacked index pages, plenty of mobile editing options, and you can add multiple different blocks over your banners or index page sections. In spite of all of these (and many other) features, Brine is not useful for blogging. Fortunately, it is ideally suited if you are a business looking at setting up your brand image.

Horizon: Favorite Squarespace template for videographers

Horizon has all the features that are a must for a videographer’s online website. Interestingly the template was not designed keeping videographers in mind. In fact, it was positioned to attract bands. However, its stylishly attractive scrolling index page has made it popular with videographers who are eager to showcase their work.
squarespace template horizon
This Pacific family template also allows you to stack banner videos as well as images at the same time. Setting the template’s dynamic index page as your website’s home page will allow you to stack a number of pages vertically and give the impression of a single-page website. The template also includes playable album pages, product sale pages with shopping cart features, list-style blogs, event pages, etc. while Horizon may not be for everyone, it is certainly the best option if you are searching for a template to highlight all your clips in a seamless manner on a single page without looking cluttered.

Pursuit: Favorite Squarespace template for creating a personal website

With a focus on product promotion, the Brine family templates are designed to maximize sales. Well, Pursuit is no different.
squarespace template pursuit
But Pursuit is most suitable for creating a website that displays you as a brand. In other words, it gives your personal CV as a more professional look. The template also includes call-to-action buttons that are highlighted and allows you to create stacked index pages. This lets you promote your skills, talents, experience, awards, etc., in a more graphical and polished manner.
On the downside, the template’s features make it less flexible and more rigid in comparison to others. But on the bright side, it gives you one of the best foundations to list down your skills and experience.

Wav: Favorite Squarespace template for podcasts

Wav is a more recent addition to the Brine family. Therefore, its grid-style design and layout give a more modern look and feel to your website. Apart from all the other features of a Brine family template, you can also integrate with Soundcloud. This allows users to publish on their websites without any hassle. Apart from this, its parallax effect is noteworthy as well.
squarespace template wav
The template is overflowing with features that can make customizations a confusing challenge. But, if you can overcome this obstacle, you will end up with a stylish website that offers intricate features and is ideal for podcasts.

Nueva: Favorite Squarespace template for business over mobile devices

Squarespace has, by far, the most platform-neutral website templates. Nearly all of its templates work exceedingly well on any device including mobiles. Nueva, most notably, is recommended for designing websites that have a majority of their viewership and transactions over mobile devices. This Brine family template provides a simple and straightforward layout with vertical scrolling pages and eye-catching headline designs.
squarespace template nueva
Nueva is a highly customizable template with an advanced set of mobile styles. However, this Squarespace template relies almost entirely on imagery and this may not work for every business owner. Overall, Nueva offers an uncluttered layout that is a must for users viewing web content over mobile devices and this makes it one of our favorite Squarespace templates.

Ready: Favorite Squarespace template for freelancing businesses

The gig economy has taken the world by storm and freelancers are finding it increasingly more difficult to carve out a niche for themselves and stand head and shoulders above the rest. So, if you can relate to this situation then Ready from Squarespace might help you set up the perfect site for your business. For starters, the template offers a minimalist design with bold headlines and vibrant colors to create a positive presence. This can go a long way in attracting new clientele.
squarespace template ready
On the structure front, this Skye family template offers a multi-page design with a homepage for you to highlight different service offerings. Like Nueva, Ready is also entirely mobile-friendly as it does not allow the user to disable mobile styles. The only negative is that this template does not include an index page.

Charlotte: Favorite Squarespace template for creating a wedding website

Last, but not least, Charlotte, is another worthy offering from Squarespace that has made it our 10 favorites list. This pacific family layout is ideal for those who would like to share their life journey, especially from engagement to the wedding. As a template Charlotte main focus is on index pages that allow you to showcase high-quality images. Their text overlay feature allows you to narrate your romantic story via pictures with your friends and loved ones.
squarespace template charlotte
Other than images, Charlotte is excellent at helping you organize your guests for the big day. The template includes features that allow you to recommend gift registries, possible accommodations, and is extremely easy for anyone to navigate. This is a one-stop solution to put all the information regarding your engagement and wedding in one single place. Cost is the only downside as you may find similar templates for free.

Final words

While this list is extensive, it is certainly not exhaustive. Every Squarespace template caters to the creation of a unique online presence that helps you stand out from the competition. With just over 100 templates, some of which are award-winning, it is apparent that Squarespace has focused more on quality than on quantity. Depending on what you want to derive from your final website, you can pick and choose the one which matches your expectation perfectly.
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