10 Best Educational Apps for Teachers

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Today, teachers and educators find maintaining concentration and interests among learners easier more than ever through educational apps.

Importantly, some of these educational apps make connecting with the learners easy even when they're back at home. This is specifically important considering how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted movement and limited contact with other people.

It doesn't even end there, though. The educational apps for teachers and educators also make it easy for the teachers to implement new and fun learning methods, such as the fun games that engage the learners, making it easy for them to grasp new things from different perspectives. Finally, good educational apps for teachers also help bridge the communication gap between teachers, parents, and the students to ensure that all of them stay connected and target a common goal.

The high number of educational apps may make your choice of the best apps to use with your students an arduous task. Besides, some of them may not really help you achieve the objectives you wish to achieve and some are not even children-friendly. 

According to the reviews of the newest paper writing service, this guide will show you how to choose the best educational apps to use and also walk you through an extensive list of the ten best apps for educators. Let's get started.

What App do teachers use to teach?

Now, teachers use different teaching apps for varied reasons, so your choice of a teaching app may be influenced by what you wish to achieve with the app. To choose a good app for teaching, you will need first to have an objective. This will guide your selection to ensure that you get the best app for your learners.

Once you have a 'clear description' of the app you wish to use depending on your objectives, you will need to ensure that your app of choice is children-friendly, and can be easily accessed. Importantly, it should also be easy to use and also saves you time. Here are the top ten apps that we believe can make engaging with your group of learners easier.

  1. Zoom

Zoom ranks highly as one of the most effective apps for educators. Ideally, it rose to fame during the COVID-19 pandemic, and as of 2021, it was downloaded 485 million times.

According to the reports of the thesis writing service department at Bestessay.com, Zoom is a good app for teachers because of the efficiency it brings in communication. It is a cloud video conferencing platform designed for hosting meetings, implying that it may be just what you need to connect with your students when learning from home.

Using the Zoom app, you can give instructions to learners, swap files with them, send lesson plans and even communicate with them in groups or individually. If you wish to use Zoom for your online classes with the learners, it is important to know that there are free and premium versions. 

The free version will be ideal if you prefer one-to-one guidance or lessons with the students. The premium version will be a perfect choice if you wish to have group lessons with the students.

  1. Google Drive

You probably already know about Google Drive, but did you also know that you could use it with your learners? Well, Google Drive is widely known for its file-sharing efficiency, and I use it most of the time when working as an online essay writer and from write my essay service.

It is effective in sharing files and a perfect app for you if you are looking for a more straightforward way for your students and you to store and share important files. With the cloud-based collaborative systems, your students can submit their assignments online, where you can work on the documents, adding edits and notes as you may want.

Besides, if you have a file you'd want the students to download and use in their studies, you can create a shared folder with the students and upload the file there. The students will need to download it from the shared folder.  Use the Google Calendar events to schedule video classes with the students.

  1. Seesaw

Seesaw makes it easy for your students to store and share their work with parents. For teachers, this app allows you to share with parents perfect examples of a student's strong points and areas that may need improvement.

According to the reports of the assignment help Australia and best custom essay, this makes it very simple for parents to celebrate their children's progress on every step of their learning journey. Use the Improvements to Activities feature to find teacher-contributed activities you may want to share with the learners, like voice instructions and activities.

  1. Quizizz

If you've ever wanted a simplified system for your students to compete with answering quizzes online, then Quizizz was created for you. It comes with a plethora of teacher-created quizzes that you will find very helpful for your learners.

Quizizz allows you to make your whole classwork or play together. You can also assign individual homework for every learner.

  1. Remind App

Remind app makes it significantly easier to communicate with your students and parents. With this app, you can initiate group chats, make announcements and even contact individuals privately.

Remind app makes it even easier to share resources that your students may need to use with revision or learning. Use its powerful features to share files, links, or images and even translate the contents of your messages to other languages that parents from non-English speaking countries can also understand.

  1. Additio

Ideally, your digital learning program would be incomplete without Additio. With this app, you can easily calculate your students' grades and take participation notes to track your students' performances seamlessly.

Importing grades is also easier since this app easily integrates with Microsoft and Google's classroom features. Use the lesson planning feature for your assessments and the messaging feature for relaying information to your students and the parents in real-time.

  1. Kahoot

Most students do extremely well with interactive learning and Kahoot is an app worth considering if you also fancy interactive learning. It comes with engaging quizzes for students and teachers. 

Besides, it allows users to create quizzes for acquiring new knowledge and increase engagement with learners. You can choose from several quiz-based games known as kahoots from this app on your topic of choice.

  1. Classtree

Gathering parental consent forms from the students for field trips can be an arduous task. Thanks to Classtree, though, you won't need any papers, which makes the entire process a breeze.

With this app, you can attach consent forms for the parents to add e-signatures as you relay the announcements. Classtree also allows you to include additional questions, manage comments left by parents, and see exactly the persons who have viewed your notes and are yet to sign the consent forms.

  1. Trello

Trello has been there for quite some time, and one of the apps most teachers use for managing group projects. It comes with powerful tools that make it easy for students to stay organized and maintain concentration when doing homework. With Trello, you can create your checklists, upload media files and easily assign tasks to the students while still syncing the content across different devices through the cloud.

  1. Slack

Slack is another project management app that has been there for quite some time. Though it is primarily popular with businesses that wish to keep the employees connected, it can also be constructive when working with learners.

With Slack, you can easily push important reminders to your students in real-time. Use the file-sharing features to share resources your students may need for their studies.

In Closing

Some of the apps listed here are not necessarily made for learning, but the additional features make them worth checking. When choosing the best teaching apps, always have your primary goal in mind and check to ensure that the app can help you achieve the goals.


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