10 Things to Love About Freelancing

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Freelancing has been around for quite a while, and yet it is still on the rise.  According to the Intuit 2020 Report, work will shift from full-time to free-agent employment over the next decade. At the moment, over 80 percent of large corporations plan to do more with a flexible workforce in the coming years. And, just in the US alone, freelance workers will make up more than 40 percent of the workforce by 2020. The Contently study, called The State of Freelancing 2015, even found that 67 percent of the freelancers surveyed are planning on freelancing long-term -- for 10+ more years, specifically.

What is it about freelancing that is causing such a massive change in the way people all over the world work? We asked our freelancers what they love about freelancing, and here's what they said.

1. It's all about freedom!


More and more people are freelancing because of the freedom it brings. In the Contently study, 38.7 percent of respondents said that the best part about freelancing is being able to set their own schedule. You're not confined to an office cube for days on end. You can set your own hours. You can work however you want to.

"I love freelancing because it gives me absolute freedom and less work tensions. It's like flying like a feather in the air and still earning the money you need." - dninfoway, India

2. It's a great source of income.


Freelancing helps pay the bills. Whether you're freelancing full-time or you're only doing it part-time, freelancing is a way to earn money.

"Freelancing provides me with extra income for doing something I like doing." - seantdj, Philippines
"I have enough money to spend on Valentine's Day because of freelancing." - happymarli, UK

3. It isn't boring.


Freelancing lets you to work on a variety of projects. You don't have to confine yourself to one job. If you have multiple skills and talents, nothing will go to waste. You can take on different jobs at the same time if you are so inclined. Nothing is the same everyday.

"Freelancing allows me to do all sorts of different work and get involved in all sorts of different topics. One week I might be ghostwriting a novel, and the next, doing data entry. You can control the variety of your work as well as the volume, so there's always something new or different to try." - nicolefwalters, UK

4. It allows you to work wherever and whenever.


When you're a freelancer, you can work anywhere, and at any time. You can work from the comforts of your own home, or you can head out to the nearest coffee shop – it's entirely up to you. A Fast Company article even states that part of why freelancing has become more popular is because of co-working spaces coming out of the woodwork. Freelancers can now opt to work in a common workspace, where they can socialize with other freelancers and get access to startup resources.

"You can work when and how you want, and fit it in around relationships or school or even other jobs. And you can do it all in your pajamas, and no one will ever know." - nicolefwalters, UK

5. It lets you be your own boss.


Are you one of those night owls who do their best work at night? Or are you one of those early-risers who like to get things out of the way first thing in the morning? Freelancing doesn't tie you down to the 9-to-5. You can set your own schedule and pick the projects that are most convenient for you.  

"The one thing I love about freelancing is the freedom that comes with it. I can pick my own clients, and work when I need to. There are no restrictions on what I can or cannot do unless I impose them on myself."  - matama, Kenya

6. It provides global opportunities.


Most freelancing jobs can be done entirely online. Work is evolving, and more and more people are buying into the idea of the remote workforce. This means you can apply for any job in any country. You can actually find projects right in your own backyard (check out Freelancer Local). But, you can also be hired by somebody continents away and work on projects you would never have thought you would be able to do where you live. The possibilities are endless.

"Apart from providing me time-flexibility and financial freedom, freelancing allows me to develop a career without geographical limitations and connects me with influencers from all industry sectors." - vberrenike, Bulgaria

7. It lets you work with virtually anybody.


Since freelancing opens you up to opportunities from around the globe, you can work with anybody from anywhere in the world. You get to interact with people from other countries and learn how they work. You can even be a part of a global team of freelancers if you happen to chance upon the right project!

"Working with people all around the globe is a huge, positive experience. I can make friends in other countries and I can get a more personal insight on their culture and habits." - gergob, Hungary

8.   It helps you hone your skills.


Freelancing gives you a way to sharpen your skills and learn new ones as well. It offers you the flexibility to be able to take on multiple jobs at a time to further your knowledge, but you can also do a variety of jobs to try out new fields. Shifting careers is a major decision when you're doing full-time work, but if you're freelancing, you don't even have to shift at all.  

"Freelance work not only provides an alternative income stream for me, it also hones my skills in writing and researching for topics that are in demand today. The fact that I can do it on my own time is an added plus." - concretepen, Philippines

9.  It lets you pick the jobs you like.


You can do something different everyday if you're a freelancer. You can work on translation one day, and then article writing the next. You can choose projects that will work with your other commitments, and you can choose which jobs to bid for. You can pick the jobs that will work around your vacation and travel days as well. It's all up to you.

"I can choose projects that can fit my schedule." - seantdj, Philippines

10. It gives you the time to spend on the things you love.

Lastly, you can pursue your passion projects and spend your time doing what you love doing. Most of all, you can work and earn while spending time with your loved ones. Freelancing offers you the flexibility to focus on the things you value the most.


"Freelancing allows me to create in my own space, my own time, and earn while spending time with my family." - angelagaddi23, Philippines
"There are no boundaries for love, and the same goes for freelancing. Distance, your nationality, or skin color don't matter. Freelancing is a true keeper! It will make you feel appreciated for your true qualities and will give you the financial freedom and time-flexibility to chase your dreams from every point of the globe." - vberrenike, Bulgaria

What about you? What do you love about freelancing?

Not freelancing yet? Try it out and see why people love it.

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