10 Most Useful Business Apps

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When you're running a business, you need to keep tabs on it 24 hours a day, 7 days week. Nowadays, that's a lot easier to do compared to ten years ago. In 2015, almost anything can be done on your mobile device. All you need is to install apps and you can check on your business anytime and anywhere -- whether you're on the go, at home, or on vacation. Here are 10 useful business apps you can install on your mobile device.




Asana is a task management app that creates workspaces for your team. With it, you can create to-do lists, organize tasks, set meetings, and even chat with your team members through comments. Everything your team needs for your projects is one place, and you can access it all remotely on your iOS or Android device.




There may be times when you need to access your computer remotely. LogMeIn can help with that. This app will let you manage and control your computer even when you're on the road, and will connect your device to your computer with one click.


Office for Mobile


Can't live without Microsoft Office? Office for Mobile brings Word, Excel, and Powerpoint to your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, Android phone, and of course, Windows Phone. There's no excuse not to be productive when you have this suite of apps with you.




If you're more of an Apple person, don't fret. You get your own suite of work apps in the form of iWork for your iPhone and iPad. There's Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for your word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation needs.


Freelancer Mobile


Freelancer Mobile is one of the fastest ways you can get work done. This app will help you find freelancers to work with, create new projects, and collaborate with contacts on the go. You can manage your projects whenever you need to, and wherever you are.               


Square Register


If you need to track sales in real time, Square Register is for you. It's a simple Point of Sale (POS) system that lets you create sales reports, track trends, manage your inventory, record transactions, and even issue refunds. It's available for iOS and Android devices, so you get to keep an eye on your sales on the road.


Cisco WebEx


This app enables you to set up online meetings in a jiffy. It will provide you with a secure shared space, so your team can share anything on-screen. It does face-to-face HD video, and will record everything that happens during your meetings too.




This app will serve as your digital Rolodex. It scans business cards for you, and saves the info to your mobile device. It will manage, tag, and share your business cards, as well as store it all in the cloud so you always have instant access to your contacts.


Note Taker HD


This iOS app is perfect for note-taking. If you find yourself always needing to scribble things down quickly, this is one you should have on your tablet. It's a handy little app that can create handwritten notes and diagrams with it, and also use it to annotate PDF files.




Slack is a simple but very useful app that you can rely on for team communication. It puts all your team chats and messages in one place, so the information is easily searchable and accessible. The app creates different channels, groups, and topics that all team members can view and participate in. It integrates with other everyday work apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Twitter as well.

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