20 GIFs That Demonstrate a Day in the Life of Freelancers

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Literally just 20 GIFs that sum up your work day

Side hustling or freelancing full-time? We're sure you can relate to these day-to-day situations!

20 GIFs That Demonstrate a Day in the Life of Freelancers - Image 11. When you’re searching for projects to bid on

tv sherlock sherlock holmes GIF

2. When you're trying to send as many bids as possible

CraveTV marvel running fast superhero GIF

3. When you spot a typo in your bid

RETRO-FIEND movies funny film horror GIF

I swear it was perfect when I proofread!!!

4. When you've been awarded a project

20 GIFs That Demonstrate a Day in the Life of Freelancers - Image 2


5. When you’ve won your very first project

winning award super cool GIF

6. When you weren’t awarded the project

mad men s7 jon hamm don draper 707 GIF

Having some trouble winning projects? Try Expert Guarantees

7. When it’s down to two contest entries and you’re one of the finalists

dog cute running exercise corgi GIF

The grand prize isn’t big enough for the two wuff us

8. When you win a contest

money make it rain cash money show me the money dollar bills GIF

9. When your employer thinks he’s given you too much work


May the Force be with you, freelancer.

10. When you’re in the zone

Apple Music dancing taylor swift apple music dancing at home GIF

And you have to have your own mini concert

11. When you take  a break to contemplate life

cat tired lazy mood couch GIF

12. When you’re stress eating

food adventure time hungry jake the dog GIF

13. When you overslept

coffee good morning good morning wake up GIF

That’s cool. Your workspace is literally 2 seconds away.

14. When you're out of good ideas

Lifetime crying upset adorable tired GIF

Great ideas don’t fall out of the sky, right?

15. When coffee is the only thing powering you through


Do you need a caffeine IV drip?

16. When you're too tired but you have to make a video call

sleep GIF

17. When a milestone payment comes in

movie home alone macaulay culkin GIF

18. When your computer freezes and you forgot to save your work

Apple Music taylor swift apple music GIF


19. When you expected a higher rating

greys anatomy patrick dempsey good enough no matter what i say im never good enough GIF

20. When you get a 5-star rating

videos omfg fabulous GIF

Because duh, you’re fabulous.

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