22 Best Homepages Ever (And What You Can Learn From Them)

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There’s no doubt that your homepage plays a crucial role on your website. For most, it is the most visited page - the page that gives your audience the first taste of what you have to offer. It plays an important role in branding and helping visitors find the information, product, or service they need. So, how do you supercharge your homepage and make it look great and perform well?

To make it easy, we’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest websites that will inspire your next website design project. 

Without further ado, let's look at some designs.

01. EY

Best business homepage design for EY

Designed by: Popeq

Corporate is bland, safe, and boring right? Not necessarily, as demonstrated by this example. It is a website that is not afraid to stand out from the rest with its use of colors and strike-through design elements. It still manages to stay completely professional and deliver the company’s message - entrepreneurship and innovation. In other words, it works on two levels – it is corporate and functional but also memorable.

02. Bionair 

Best business homepage design for Bionair

Designed by: Manueklvc

Light, airy, and green are the messages that this design portrays, and they work perfectly for the company. It is a design that would not, however, work in other industries or for a different business. This shows the importance of matching the tone of a design with the style and nature of the business that owns the website.

03. Galwaplast

Best business homepage design for Galwaplast

Designed by: Popeq

For many designers, this would have been a simple website to design. After all, how do you make nuts and bolts interesting? This website shows you how. Its focus is on engineering excellence, but it doesn’t have to say this. It, therefore, achieves one of the gold standards of marketing – showing rather than explicitly explaining. The fact that the design is unusual and memorable is a bonus.

04. Jay Reece Prepaid 

Best ecommerce homepage design for Jay Reece Prepaid

Designed by: ByteZappers

This e-commerce store includes a lot of products on its homepage, including many above the fold, but it does this in and uncluttered way. It is definitely not overbearing so achieves the first objective of a website's homepage - stopping the visitor from rushing to the back button. The flat design is brave in an e-commerce store – most store owners think packing every inch of the screen with sales messages is the route to profitability. However, this example is closer to how it should be done.

05. Big Button Baby Co.  

Best ecommerce homepage design for Big Button Baby Co.

Designed by: AtomKrish

The first thing you notice about this site is the striking use of color. It is impactful, and it gets your attention. Have this many strong colors however, usually, results in a disjointed look. This one works though, even though pink, green, blue, and yellow all feature. It works because the colors match what the business sells – baby products. It is a design that visitors won’t forget in a hurry – and that means they will probably come back.

06. Overland Boutique 

Best ecommerce homepage design

Designed by: Adixsoft

This is a simple design that perfectly matches the elegance and luxury of the brand. The bold image works perfectly, and the graphical design over the image enhances it further, blurring the edges between the image and the rest of the website. The contrasting fonts also captures attention and attracts the eye, compelling the reader to scroll further down the page. This homepage is therefore not only beautiful, but also functional.

07. Rosily Foods 

Best ecommerce homepage design for Rosily Foods

Designed by: Vad1mich

Some businesses are not corporate and formal. Instead they are a passion, driven by enthusiastic and dedicated owners who are not just in it for the money. How do you represent that passion and approach to business in the design of a homepage? Here is a perfect example. For a pompous design purist sipping a skinny latte over a MacBook Pro in a trendy coffee shop somewhere, this site might break a design principle here or there. But that’s the point, and it works.

08. Wear Care World  

Best ecommerce homepage design for Wear Care World

Designed by: AdityaAgarwal143

This is a great example of how images impact on the design of a homepage. The images are the dominating feature on this site, and they capture the identity of the company very well. The close-up, intimate nature of the images is striking, and the type of models used give the site a me-too appeal, i.e. users will want to find out more – and buy – because they want to look like that too.

09. Earnest J. Ujaama 

Best blog homepage design for Earnest J. Ujaama

Designed by: AdityaAgarwal143

A personal blog is technically uncomplicated. Users like it this way as the content is the most important part of the website. Everything else risks just getting in the way. What is the purpose of design on personal websites, then? Design is important because, when done well, it portrays the persona of the blog owner. That’s why this example is so good. Within seconds of arriving, and without even reading the introductory text, you know something about the blog owner.

10. The Blog Rpbot 

Best blog homepage design for The Blog Rpbot

Designed by: Aryamaity

Here is another example of a powerful feature image, although it is very different to the previous example. On this blog, the main image on the homepage is not striking or beautiful or attention grabbing. It is deliberately the opposite, with its transparency and the fact you can’t see the whole image. It is an intriguing image, however, and encourages the reader to explore further.

11. Commune

Best business homepage design for Commune

Designed by: Artnash

One of the most effective design principles that a homepage can achieve is simplicity. Most people are scared of simplicity though. They are worried that users will not have enough information, so they add in bits here and bits there. Very quickly, the simplicity is lost. Not with this design, however. It is simple and incredibly effective. In just two words and an image it gives more information than many homepages struggle to do with hundreds of words.

12. Paul's Home And Garden Maintenance

Best personal and blog homepage design

Designed by: Vad1mich

A website about home and garden maintenance is going to be bland and functional, right? That is what many users would expect when they click on a link to such a website. Imagine then being faced with this example. It is an attractive design, but the main benefit is this website will stand out from the crowd. Elements that make it particularly impactful are the use of images and the full-width design.

13. Bolfox 

Best Wordpress homepage design for Bolfox

Designed by: eWestsiders

One-page websites went through a period of popularity a few years ago. In truth, the design style was overused as it was applied to websites that were better suited to a standard multi-page structure. Designers did this so they could appear trendy, even though it didn’t work. This is an example of a website with a single page design that works! The images are striking, the use of font is creative, and the color scheme is simple (sticking to a color palette of three colors) but effective.

14. WebHeroesUK

Best Wordpress homepage design for WebHeroesUK

Designed by: Seguro

Standing out from the crowd is tricky, but this website shows that with a bit of imagination, it can be done. It is a memorable homepage that has a quirky design, but that also gives all the right information. At a glance, the visitor can see what the company does, and they have an idea of the style of business they are dealing with. The powerful heading also works well.

15. Xinfinit

Best business homepage design

Designed by: AtomKrish

Colors are one of the most important elements of a website, and they play a significant role in homepage design. This example shows what can be achieved with colors. In particular, the color guides the user through the page. Your eye is attracted to the boxes in the section above the fold, and the contrast between this section and the next moves your eyes down. Guiding the visitor through the homepage like this gives the content a chance to make an impact.

16. Security Guards Melbourne 

Best business homepage design for Security Guards Melbourne

Designed by: LarebKhalilSyed

This is an attractive design with a good use of font and color, as well as have a striking feature image. These elements are not what sets this website apart from other, similar sites. It stands out because of the use of the black background. Of course, it is not the only site on the internet to use a black background, but they are definitely in the minority compared to white/light backgrounds. It is, therefore, important that the design works well and, in this case, it does. The result is a website that stands out.

17. Yacht Transport Company 

Best business homepage design for a Yacht Transport Company

Designed by: Ohmyfunsite

If you were in the market for yacht transport, what would be your priorities? That is the sort of question every website designer should ask. In other words, you should work out what your client’s customers what to know. When you do this, you will be much more likely to deliver a successful website. In the case of yacht transport, customers are likely to want confidence in the company’s ability, and they want to trust that their yacht is safe. This website manages to deliver both messages instantly.

18. Nations Best Homes 

Best business homepage design for Nations Best Homes

Designed by: AtomKrish

Right above the fold on this website you are hit with a strong call to action, plus you are given the tool you probably arrived at the site to use – the house search facility. It is important to make features and content like this easy for users to find, and there is no easier place to find these things than above the fold on the homepage. The use of color is also effective, particularly the way the green of the website is used subtly in the hand drawn house in the first image below the fold.

19. Limitless Virtual Assistance 

Best business homepage design for Limitless Virtual Assistance

Designed by: Vad1mich

This is another example of a site with a strong call to action and useful tool being in a prominent position on a homepage. On this site, however, they have added further minimalism by putting the menu behind the icon. This further reduces distractions and clutter for the visitor so they can focus on the task at hand. It isn’t pushy, however, as there is also well designed and helpful content further down the page.

20. Octobas 

Best business homepage design for Octobas

Designed by: SamiraSarwar

This website is for a company in a sector that is a bit boring. The character and quirkiness of this example are, therefore, refreshing. One of the best things, however, is that it is quirky and full of character without losing professionalism. It also manages to give the visitor the information they need. The not-so-subtle use of green throughout the page also helps build the brand image.

21. Omnidots 

Best business homepage design for Omnidots

Designed by: Princevenkat

Here is another website where the structure of the page, color scheme, and fonts match with ethos of the brand – solid, knows what they are doing, and dependable. It is a website that looks well put together. This is not about the underlying infrastructure – that may or may not be good. Instead, it is about a design giving the right impression of the company, and in this example, the designers nailed it.

22. Care Foundation

Best non-profit homepage design for Care Foundation

Designed by: Designs360studio

The brief for this was probably challenging. The website has to show the horribleness and desperation of homelessness, but also give an upbeat and positive message. The contrast of the bright and sunny yellow elements with the darker gray color captures those duel messages very well. The strategic placement of the images, and the quality of them, also contributes. The overall result is a success.

Want To Get The Best Homepage Ever?

So, what are the common themes through all 22 examples in this article? After all, the websites are all different – different niches, different objectives, and different approaches to design. The most important thing is to properly represent the owner of the website – the personality of the person, the brand image of the company, the overarching message of a non-profit organization. This is achieved through proper use of colour and fonts as well as the placement of content on the page. Finally, the most important information has to go above the fold. 

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