4 Content Marketing Strategies to Consider

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Internet marketing is a diverse industry that involves different resources, strategies, and tools designed to help businesses attain the ultimate online presence. On the Internet, information is power and content is king, which is why having a content marketing strategy is crucial. To get the best results from your efforts, consider the following four content marketing strategies.

Content Marketing Plan

Serious content marketers should be organized, with their work guided by a documented content marketing strategy. Drafting a plan only makes up a fraction of the work though, and the plan ultimately has to be followed by action later on. Research indicate that only about 35% of marketers operate using a documented strategy, with almost 50% claiming to have an undocumented strategy. A majority of marketers with undocumented or absentee strategies are less effective than those who operate based on what is written. The chances of slipping from the plan are slim because you can always refer to the plan for clarification as often as you wish. The best strategy answers some common questions about your target audiences, the intended value provision from the marketing effort, the channels of communication, the personnel or expert in charge of managing the plan and how success or failure will be measured.

Content Creation Team

Content creation is a task that is time-consuming, and one that requires expert writers and marketers. In as much as having people on full-time to manage your content marketing efforts can be a bit costly, especially for small businesses, you should endeavor to find competent individuals to drive the results you desire. Take the time to compile a strong dedicated team, or find an all-around person with a deep understanding of content marketing for the job. Most of these experts can be hired remotely for a reasonable fee. Remember, the volume and quantity of the content matters, not only for your online presence, but also to improve search engine ranking.

Explore Multiple Tactics

There is no one best way to do anything today; there is always an alternative solution.  You are bound to fail or unlikely to realize your objectives by sticking to only one or two techniques as a way to keep audiences and prospects engaged. There is more than that though. You can have in excess of ten approaches and not less than six social networks to share your content. You can make use of webinars, case studies, ebooks, videos, blogs, research reports, micro-sites, white papers, article submission, and blogging. For social media, consider using SlideShare, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, among others. Just create diverse content and make use of various channels to get your content out. You broaden your content reach and make your online presence felt.

Regular Publishing

The Internet is dynamic, and things change very fast. It is therefore important to keep the pace by publishing fresh content – if not daily, at least thrice a week. Prepare an editorial calendar with details on when to publish, what to publish, and who will publish. Be ready to spend more on content – it pays. Ensure that you stick to this calendar so that users can find something new whenever they visit your site.

Finally, feel free to try out new approaches to your content marketing efforts, and keep trying to discover fresh processes and ideas to help you generate quality content. Content that's constantly evolving will boost your conversion rate due to wider online reach and presence.


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