$5,000 for the new face of Freelancer

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Freelancer.com has just hit 30 million users worldwide, and to celebrate we’re offering a share of US$5,000 in prizes for the best projects in some of our most popular categories: architecture; branding; 3D and digital.

The lucky winners of this competition will also get the chance to become the new face of Freelancer.com, with the stories behind the winning projects to be shared with the rest of the global Freelancer.com community.

We want to make a big deal about this landmark milestone, but we wouldn’t have made it to 30 million users if not for the talented individuals and innovative businesses that have come together on the Freelancer.com marketplace to work on new and innovative projects.

“To date, nearly 15 million jobs have been posted on Freelancer.com in more than 1,000 different areas of work. None of this could have happened without the talented and innovative individuals who make up the Freelancer.com community,” Freelancer.com CEO Matt Barrie said in a blog post marking the new milestone.

Our users are the beating heart of Freelancer.com. That’s why we’ve launched this competition to find the new face of Freelancer. We want to recognise the great work and the incredible talent behind it which has helped to make Freelancer.com the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace.

We’re encouraging the valued members of our global community who would like to be featured along with their project in a global marketing campaign and have their story told to enter the competition.

Freelancer.com users who have designed or built something on the platform that is visually stunning, or those who have employed someone who has done a fantastic job can submit a project to compete for a share in the US$5,000 worth of prizes that will be handed out, along with the chance to become the new face of Freelancer.

We’re excited about uncovering the amazing work the Freelancer.com global community has created and telling the world about it. Here’s to our users, you deserve to be recognised.

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