5 Legal Tasks to Outsource to Freelancers

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The legal profession is very demanding. To be successful, you have to be the best in a field where everyone believes that they're the best thing to ever happen to a courtroom.

Being successful doesn’t mean that you have to be the next Sir Lionel Luckhoo, who managed to convince several juries to acquit 245 clients who faced murder charges consecutively, securing him a place in the Guinness World Records as the world's most successful lawyer. It is just about ensuring that in whatever you do, you don’t have to burn the midnight oil for days trying to win that case for a client. You can outsource some of the tasks to a competent pool of specialists, legal minds, and experts from all over the world to give your case that extra boost.

1. eDiscovery

You definitely don’t have to spend hours digging through electronically-stored information to beef up your case. With eDiscovery, you just need to specify what kind of data you are interested in and have someone else take it from there. There are numerous outsourcing options with eDiscovery, ranging from particular services such as forensic data collection to end-to-end legal solutions. The trick is to find someone conversant with electronic data, precise with the nature of information you are interested in, which includes the location, case type and all the details you deem important for your case. You can then take a break and let the freelancer worry about getting the job done.

2. Review of Litigation Documents

You can now outsource comprehensive litigation documents review services, both onshore and offshore. This is slightly different from engaging the services of a contract lawyer, since lawyers and law firms’ interests may affect the overall performance of the work. If you are running short on time, and you still have large volumes of documents to review, you're going to want to engage the services of a freelancer to beat the deadline.

3. Contract Drafting, Review, and Management

It is typical for most lawyers to be overwhelmed with huge volumes of contracts. Handling the whole process single-handedly may not be so productive, especially if you don’t have a staff that specializes in this kind of work. You can simplify the process by combining freelance providers with the use of specialized applications. There are many offshore freelancers capable of handling this task, and it won't cause you any sleepless nights.

4. Legal Research

The legal profession is incomplete, if not dead, without thorough research. Tap on the large number of offshore service providers ready to carry out all necessary legal research and drafting. The same applies to companies interested in understanding more about their businesses, competition and an overview of the industry’s outlook. 

5. Support on Intellectual Property

Accurate patents can best be prepared by an individual with a comprehensive understanding of all the legal aspects of intellectual property. There are many administrative requirements that go into the accurate preparation of patents, trademarks and copyrights. There are also many companies and individuals that offer reliable services related to intellectual property.

Outsourcing is not only convenient; it can also save you time, effort, and money. Some tasks are occasional, and won't require you to contract a full-time employee. Other legal services that you can outsource include paralegal support, various administrative assignments, finance and accounting, and specialized assignments like presentations and designs.


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