5 Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring and Working With Freelancers

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With 19 million users, Freelancer.com is now the largest pool of freelance resource globally. Sixty percent of the projects posted on Freelancer receive a bid within 60 seconds. This means the pure liquidity and choice of freelancers is highly impressive. However, there are things to keep in mind when hiring and working with freelancers to make the most of the experience and to gain the best results.


Here are a few helpful hints to have a good working relationship with freelancers and to make sure your projects are completed in the best way.

Look at recent reviews and ratings for the freelancer.

Both employers and freelancers can leave a review after project completion. Reading the reviews given to freelancers will give you a glimpse of their skills, attitude, and general working relationship with their previous employers.

Moreover, the freelancer’s profile page shows the percentage of jobs completed and the percentages of jobs completed on time and on budget. You can also see the repeat hire rate and the average rating for all completed projects. A combination of these attributes helps you understand the previous results of the freelancer's work.

Offer projects early so you have more time to decide who to hire.

An essential part of any job is to have enough time to get to know the freelancers you’re looking to hire. As an employer, you need to analyze the bids you have received, the portfolios, and resumes of the potential freelancers without rushing. This allows you to make an informed decision.

Use the Recruiter upgrade.

Selecting the Recruiter upgrade when posting a project connects you to a global team of expert Recruiters on the Freelancer.com platform. To get started on your project, a Recruiter will contact you, and will then look into our Preferred Freelancers to invite them to bid on your project. This is to make sure you get the highest quality bids. You can also ask the Recruiter to select a freelancer for you.

The Recruiter will call you again to take you through the next steps and let you know all our best tips on how to use the site. These agents can award the project and set up milestones on your behalf. They will guarantee you a smooth project management and will help you all throughout until its successful completion. There could not be a better way to ensure success for your important piece of work.

Communicate with your freelancer.

Once you have chosen your freelancer, you can start a real-time chat via the website or through our mobile app. You can even do video call on desktop. Talk to your freelancer, explain your project in detail and be upfront about your expectations. Give clear answers all questions raised and be open to their ideas and suggestions. Open communication is vital to everyday collaboration and is especially true when working with anyone online.

Use the Milestone Payment System.

We introduced the Milestone Payment System to ensure trust and security throughout the process of working with a freelancer.

Employers can set a Milestone Payment for a specific freelancer. It’s a part of the amount of the total job price, which will be paid upon delivery of a specific task for the project. Once created, both users can then view the payment, but only the employer can release it to the Freelancer. The funds will be held until the employer chooses to release them to their freelancer. In case a Milestone Payment needs to be returned, the freelancer is the only one (other than a Freelancer.com staff) who can cancel this payment. This gives each party half of the control over the Milestone Payment.

Setting up Milestone Payments for freelancers will give both parties peace of mind. It tells the freelancer that you are serious about the project. It makes you feel secure that you will only release the payment when you are satisfied with the output. Here at Freelancer.com, we encourage users to send and receive money with the Milestone Payment System. It's a great resource to make sure everyone gets what they want from a project.

We hope these tips and tricks will help you to get work done on Freelancer.com. This platform allows work to be completed like never before and connects any employer to a flexible workforce numbering in its millions.

Employers and freelancers collaborating online really is the future of work. If you're still not convinced, check out some fantastic results on the Freelancer Showcase. Do you need to get something done? Post your project now and hire the freelancer fit for the job.

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Joe Griston

Director @Freelancer.com

Joe Griston is the Director of People & Talent at Freelancer.com. He has sourced, architected and scaled world-class teams for this tech company that is disrupting the planet. Joe has recently returned to London from Sydney to drive the growth of Freelancer.com across Europe.

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