5 Tips to Make Your Video Profile Stand Out

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Are you a video freelancer trying to find out how to win more projects? There used to be a time when showing your video skills on freelancer was tough - but not anymore. With the most recent updates to your profiles, you can now stream videos from your profile. Users will actually be able to watch them without having to download them. So with that in mind, let's look at some tips for how to optimize.

1. Highlight reels!

That magical top left spot is for one thing. A highlight reel. Employers will keep moving down the line if they like your work, but this one spot is somewhere that each employer will look at. This is your bread and butter.

2. Use GIFS

Want to drag them in? GIFs will show partial videos on your profile and will make it easier for a client to choose your profile over others. This is an easy trick. Remember, you can still show the videos, just move them a little further down your portfolio.

3. Keep your videos on our site

I know there are great hosting spots - your own portfolio even - but remember, if you want to get that project, you want that employer to stay in the site.

4. Try to render all of your video in slightly lower quality

I know this is breaking rule #1, but faster loading times will help you tremendously. You can put a disclaimer if you like.

5. Use images to your advantage

Part of being a great videographer is understanding how to crop and frame your shots. Show some of your favorite shots to draw clients in and show them what you are capable of. 


Videography is one of the fastest growing skills in Freelancer.com and by using some of these tips, you can make sure that you can grow your earnings along with it.


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