5 Useful Content Creation Tools

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The main idea behind great content marketing is crafting outstanding pieces of writing on a regular basis. Writers involved have to be shipping fantastic content on quite a regular basis. Today, in the Internet era, we greatly rely on many digital tools that help us with everything from our daily lives, to our workdays and content creation is no exception. In order to maximize a writer’s productivity, they need the right tools to keep focus and to highlight and reference work from other content writers. We’ve come up with this list of 5 useful content creation tools for your convenience; in order for you to become a better professional.

Hemingway App


If there’s something the famous writer from the title was known for, it’s his concise wording. This is the whole point behind the Hemingway App – creating short, easily understandable phrases, sentences, and texts – just what every content writer is supposed to do; you are writing for the masses after all.

This app is quite user-friendly – all you need to do is simply copy/paste your text and enjoy the app’s evaluation of it. The Hemingway App, however, offers help on multiple levels – even if you are writing at a college level, for example, it will give you instructions on how to fix this – cool as it may sound, you are not writing for students’ books, you need your readers to get the meaning of an article as quickly as possible.



When it comes to proofreading, every expert in the subject knows how much time and energy it tends to take up. Writing the next article is always better than having to edit ones that are already completed, and this is where the Papersgear team kicks in – full of seasoned employees, who can help you publish fantastic content! Papersgear writers cover all niches and deliver their work in a timely fashion.



In a recent chat with SEO experts from Online Marketing Gurus, I’ve learned about this little gem – rather conveniently, this tool stands up to its namesake in pride – ContentGems’ purpose is categorizing particular kinds of news in a single daily-based email.

Simply select your topics of interest and you can expect a list of articles to arrive right to your desired inbox – there is no better way for coming up with new topics for writing on a daily basis.



Yet another cool app in terms of content ideas comes in the form of Feedly– instead of going through virtual piles of websites in search for interesting news, gather news from a wide variety of websites in a single spot. Simply choose the sources and your desired topics and the only thing that remains is logging into Feedly.

Picking a topic to write about has never been easier!

Headline Analyzer


Most readers do not really venture beyond the headline of an article and this is where the importance of headlines really kicks in. In order to attract more people into reading your content, you’ll actually have to come up with fantastic headlines, well, unless you want to lose half of your readers to this particular oversight, seeing as how an approximate amount of around 60% of people go beyond reading the headline of articles in general.

The Headline Analyzer was created by CoSchedule and it comes as more than a useful tool. Simply type the headline you’ve come up with into this tool and expect more than a valuable feedback. If so happens that you get “generic” as feedback, you should keep on trying. Headline Analyzer takes the length of your headline into account and it even offers a Google search preview – it displays you the keywords and the target sentiment you’re looking for.

The mentioned tools come as more than useful in terms of content creation – you are working online, you might as well utilize the Internet’s full power. Naturally, there are many more useful tools out there you should keep your eyes out for, but the ones listed in this article should be enough to get you going!


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