7 Stunning Website Designs That Will Inspire Your Next Project

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Design is everything.

In 2009, Airbnb was going bust. They were a startup that barely anyone had noticed and their revenue was a steady at $200 per week. Their team maxed their credit cards just to stay afloat. However, then came their aha moment, when one night they noticed the pictures of apartments on the site were terrible, which in turn made the profile pages that made up most of the site barely operational.

Equipped with high quality camera, it only took the team a quick trip to their users’ apartments and the site became full of beautiful high resolution pictures. Combining these pictures with better website design was the first step that has resulted in them becoming the company they are today. If you did not know before, hopefully now you understand just how important design is to the success of a website.

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Today, stunning website designs are a must. With this in mind, Freelancer.com created our Showcase product and app, allowing you to scroll through endless, beautiful work completed on the platform. Among the projects that showcased more often are website mockups that let their designs speak for themselves.

As an employer, you can then directly connect and work with the designers for your own projects should you find any interesting work on the Showcase page.

When selecting a designer on Freelancer.com, you will see high quality content and portfolios of their previous work. There are also powerful metrics based on how their past employers have thought about their working standards.

Here are some website designs straight from Showcase that can inspire you on your next project:
Showcase - web design - AtomKrish.jpg
Website design by AtomKrish
Showcase - web design - creationidea.jpg
Website design by creationidea
Showcase - website design - xsasdesign.jpg
Website design by xsasdesign
Just Photo.png
Website design by enok7128
Showcase - website design - ssnkri.jpg
Website design by ssnkri
Showcase - web design - ncdesignerr.jpg
Website design by ncdesignerr
Showcase - website design - webgraphics007.jpg
Website design by webgraphics007
Take inspiration from these designs and from other projects on Showcase. Browse the catalog and find your next great designer. There is now no limitation for design excellence and no excuse for a bad looking website.

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