A Six-Step Guide on How to Rewrite an Article

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The knack for writing may be something a natural gift for some. However, anybody can learn how to rewrite a good article. It is something you can learn, too, even if you are not a talented writer. People may not notice but articles are basically everywhere like newspapers, magazines, websites and even at the back of cereal boxes. If you just keep on reading, you will eventually understand how a reader feels like and have an idea what readers think are valuable articles. For starters, here are four types of articles that you can choose from:

  • Argument: an article which tries to convince someone about something
  • Explanation: sorts out facts and tries to tell the reader why and how something happened
  • Definition: explains what a concept means
  • Description: points out the quality and characteristics of things

Read the article that you will rewrite and read it again. Then choose an article type from the four ones mentioned above. Selecting from these four options essentially provides you a framework for your rewrite. You will have a clearer objective and it will be easier to create an outline of your article—even only as an idea. By doing this, your article rewrite won’t turn out into something that is incoherent. Once you have decided, you can now proceed into these guidelines:

  • Know your topic: You should pinpoint a very specific topic to write about. It must be so specific that long-tail keywords will definitely be part of your article title. This topic should address your purpose. A bad example of a topic or title is All About Eczema. A good topic or title is Five Ways to Treat Eczema from Home.
  • Figure out your target audience: By knowing what group of people your target audience is, it will be easier for you to speak their tone. Every generation has a language. A good article must be able to connect with its target reader and convey the message it wants to relay easily.
  • Take note of the length of the article: In some cases, you will be given a certain limit for each article. The most common is 500 words. Research suggests that once you get past the 500 word count, the effectiveness of your article diminishes.
  • Conduct a research: Regardless if you have an idea or not about a topic, ALWAYS double check your facts. Even if the article source is at hand, it makes perfect sense to research and add that to the original.
  • Write a rough draft: This is a brief summary of your article so you can see its future construction. Remember to fulfill your promise—the content should justify the topic.
  • Create a title and edit the finished product: Conduct a thorough scan for grammatical and spelling errors. Also, make the heading catchy to attract readers.

This is a basic guideline on how to rewrite an article which is valuable to people. And even though people have different styles when it comes to creative writing, these tips can get you started, most especially at times when you are at a loss and do not know where to start. 

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Aaron Matthew Ang

I have been a freelance writer for over a decade now and I have written more than 4,000 articles in several niches. I have also written several eBooks as a ghost writer.

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