Beauty Matters: 4 Tips To Create Attractive Blog Posts

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In this age of technology, internet marketing has become the way to do business. Blogs have become very popular, with new ones cropping up every day. Your blog has to catch the eye, with attractive posts that will keep the reader interested. Your readable content should be of top quality, supported by attractive photos that will engage readers visually before they even read the content.

A blog that leaves the reader ready to act is a great blog. It should be an inspiration to the reader to do something. You can do this by giving tips that might be relevant to them, and adding photos to boot.

Attractive blogs tend to:

  • Drive up the reader’s interaction with your page, e.g. likes, shares, comments, etc
  • Increase your site ranking with Google
  • Have more backlinks from top blogs
  • Look professional and make the brand look more trustworthy

Here are the top four tips that can make your blog posts look more attractive, and pull in more readers:

Format creatively

According to research, people only read 20% of the total content on a page. To make sure people read all your content, you should format your blog post in a manner that will compel them to read further. Formatting adds more white space, making the pages easier to scan. The content becomes easier to read if you split it into several small groups, with important tips pointed out.  

Consider doing the following for easy readability:

  • Use numbered and bullet listing
  • Use internal links
  • Use short paragraphs that are three to four sentences lines long

The best and easiest way to grab attention is through images. For every scrolling depth in your posts, use an eye-catching image. Great content with great images does a lot to boost site visits. The photos you include with the content must be relevant too. For example, if your blog is a food blog, you should put up photos that are relevant to food.

Make your headlines Catchy

Most people do not read the body once they read the headline. If you want people to read your content, make your headlines stand out. The headlines must encourage the reader to read more of your post. Some tips to make headlines catchy include:

  • Make a promise: Your post should fulfill a need for the reader. The headline should promise to benefit the reader when they read the content.
  • Be explicit: People prefer knowing what they are getting into beforehand. Be explicit in your headlines so the reader knows exactly what to expect.
  • Do not shy away from being the odd one out: To stand out, you should be willing to do the unconventional. Do not stick to the same old tricks used since time immemorial. Think outside the proverbial box and give your headline a sassy feel that will entice the reader to read more. Use witty puns and interesting lines to attract attention.
  • Links: Your blog should provide information and links as to where to get the said information. Add links to your blog posts such as that allow your readers to gain access to highly experienced bloggers.  You should never leave the reader with more questions than when they first started. This is where links come into play. If readers feel the information provided is not enough, the links will help them acquire more.

While writing these headlines, there is no exact method to produce the best one. You need to write down several, then do a comparison with regards to your target audience, and pick the one that resonates best.

Your headlines should be short. Anything beyond 65 words is too long and the search results will cut it off. The ideal length of a headline should be 6 words. Another trick to use in the headlines is negative words. People are all used to seeing articles on what TO do, rarely on what NOT to do. This is merely looking at things from a different perspective.

Using numbers in headlines also grabs attention.  Headlines that use words like “8 ways to” let a reader know exactly what to expect. In doing so, a reader knows every time they read your post, they are sure to get the information the headline cites.

Remember the small things

They say, “don’t sweat the small stuff.” In this case, you must remember to sweat that small stuff! You need to remember to give your content that perfect finish. The small details will make your blog stand out, and acquire top ranking.

  • Remember the Meta: the meta description, in addition to your title, is what gives your article that extra buzz to attract readers. You have spent a long time perfecting your post; it does not hurt to spend a few more minutes creating an engaging meta description, which is just a 155-word description of your post. It will make all the difference.
  • Make your social posts stand out: social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can use the wrong image, and cut off the most important message in the image you wanted to convey. There are special tools which you can use to edit images you want to use on social media sites.
  • Shorten the URLs: most Content Management Systems (CMS) automatically create a long URL for your site. Make sure you edit the URLs to something short, but taking care to retain the keywords. This makes the URL easier for people to remember, and ensures simplicity on your blog.

Get Personal once in a while

Nothing gets a reader’s attention like a blog which is relatable. Adding your voice to the blog allows the readers to develop the trust factor towards your content. With trust comes the feeling of loyalty, so they are bound to feel more connected.

Let the reader get to know you. If you are selling a product, tell real life stories about your experience surrounding it. The readers will connect with you on that level and the interaction feels like they are actually dealing with a human being, not a bot.

That said, you should not get overly personal. Keep your tone easy, but professional. You must remember that your content reflects on your blog. The negativity you spew will reflect badly on your blog. Be informed about every topic. Misleading your readers, or writing about hearsay will drop your ranking and scare off your audience.


Everyone loves attractive blog posts. They grab your attention from the get go; well-formatted, great images, and well-done content. Paying attention to detail is important in pushing your blog towards better ranking. It takes very little time to make a post attractive.

The most time-consuming part is the content writing, but after that, there is nothing hard about the rest of the details. A blog that has a lot of attention to detail is sure to catch the attention of many.

Do you have additional information you would like to share, or any questions you would like to ask? You are welcome to post them in the comments section below.

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