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A home office is similar to any other office. It is essentially a space somewhere in the house where you install a computer, desk, comfy chair, and bed (bonus) whenever you want to stretch. The proximity of your workspace to everything you need at home is so close that you exert little effort in getting up and moving around.

There are times when you should venture out to give your brain and senses a refresher. Freelancing allows a person to work with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Take advantage of this great flexibility to reap the benefits of the positive lifestyle freelancing can bring.

Start off with a change of environment. We have listed down some of the best places to work away from home below.

Coffee Shops – The interior, ambiance, music, and the buzz of people in a coffee shop help with focus and creativity, according to a couple of studies. Coffee shops provide just enough distraction -- which is better than a dead-quiet office -- because of the motivational boost some people get when seeing other people who are just as busy and focused. The small doses of distraction also prompt the mind to work at a more abstract level, which is also a more creative level, according to a Wall Street Journal study.

Coworking Spaces – Created mainly for solo workers and freelancers, coworking spaces are great for a change in venue if you want a break from chugging coffee. These spaces are also great places to meet new people and collaborate with other workers who have similar interests -- something that can rarely be done in a coffee shop. Striking a conversation with fellow workers at a coworking space is pretty much a lot less stranger compared to other places. Plus, you'll get insight from them that may even help you move your work forward quicker.

Some coworking spaces also have events where people can network and help each other out. Some coworking spaces offer a day's rent, but most come in monthly membership subscriptions.

Local Library – Libraries have turned into great workspaces over the years. If you're tired of visiting the coffee shop, a library may be your next bet for more focus, and it has the same amenities as a coffee shop (internet, plenty of space to spread out, and coffee). White noise in the library is very minimal compared to an average busy coffee shop so if you're looking to work in peace and still get inspiration, this is one of the best places to visit.

Park (on a good day) – Get in touch with nature! If you live close to a park where there is a good view, as well as tables or grass where you can freely sprawl with your stuff, try working there. The scenery, fresh air, and faint sound of giggling kids are great mood boosters. The only downside to it is the unpredictable weather and the lack of Wi-Fi (in most places) so if you need digital connectivity, you may have to bring your own. A change in environment such as this stimulates creativity and inspiration. Going to a park is free and the surroundings can be good for your health.

Other public spaces – If you have already visited all the other work spaces mentioned above, there are still a few more to try such as school grounds, restaurants, and other places where you can focus and break your routine. Doing the same thing every single day can wear you out and may result in work burnout. A change in scenery is a great remedy to pump you up again.

Working in different locations from time to time is refreshing and invigorating. Not only are you able to keep in touch with your creative side, but you also get to relax and meet new people. It also helps you think outside the box and give you great ideas for new projects or business ventures.

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