Best-Selling Digital Products You Might Know How to Create

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At the beginning of the year, we’ve shared with you some online business ideas you can launch on your own. We even gave you tips on how to start your business even on a limited budget.

Currently, there are 3.6 billion Internet users. Bringing a product out there, in front of the many people who you think can benefit from your offer, is a huge milestone in itself. You can either sell tangible objects and ship them to various locations. Or, capture a bigger market -- target a worldwide audience by selling digital products, stuff they can easily purchase via the Internet.

best-selling digital products

Here are some of the most profitable digital products you might already know how to create, but don’t know how to sell.


A webinar, in its simplest definition, is an online seminar. Conducting a webinar is free. The money-making aspect is the paid product you’ll offer toward the end of the webinar.

In this extensive guide by the Femtrepreneur herself, Mariah Coz, you will learn how to make money with webinars. Are all webinars profitable? Well, according to Mariah, there are three things you must do to make sure what you’ll create will bring you income:

  1. Your promise must align with the offer
  2. Start the pitch at 30-45 minutes, no later!
  3. Make sure you show the offer with visuals and graphics

Read further about this guide here.


Have you been writing your whole life? Why not publish an eBook? Gone are the days when you need to chase publishers to get your work printed. Now you can become a self-publisher and sell your fiction or nonfiction eBook to the global marketplace.

Where can you sell your eBook? You should make it available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Google Play. When your work is already out on these eBook retailers, don’t just sit in there and wait for money to rain on you.

“Making money from ebooks isn’t automatic. You can’t just put anything in it and hope to profit,” said author and Internet entrepreneur Brian Edmondson. To help your eBook generate sales, follow his tips.  

Website themes

Are you a pro in creating website themes? Sell them! Who knows how many people would be willing to pay for your design. You can build your own website to market your themes or upload them to marketplaces like ThemeForest, Mojo, Creative Market, or Inkthemes. They’ll get a commission from every sale you make but at least you would get to tap a large audience.


Think of bloggers and businesses who need photos to make their website content more engaging. There are plenty of them. And most of them are in constant need of presentable images.

If you have the passion for photography and you want to make an income out of it, start selling your photos online. There are websites made for selling stock photos. The famous bunch includes Shutterstock, Fotolia, and Picjumbo.

Although you won’t get tons of cash from selling your photos, it’s still another source of income. In this case, more photos mean more money. Take Angie Nelson’s tips on how to sell your photos online. She wrote down a list of photos people want to buy, how to take beautiful images, where to sell them, and how to market and generate sales.

Video tutorials

If you have a knack for demonstrating how a particular stuff works, try to make video tutorials. There are other people who share the same interest as yours, but for them to be guaranteed audience, you have to create a content they can’t resist. Here’s an article from Income Diary that details the steps in making online video tutorials.

There are countless of businesses thriving online. Some had unexpected success. Some had even grown into unicorns. The digital products we featured in this post could be your instrument in living the entrepreneurial dream.

It could be overwhelming to do everything on your own. Good thing is, you can always get help from the experts. There are millions of freelancers on our platform. Post your project and attract top talents to help you launch your business.


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