The 11 Best YouTube Videos On How To Design A Logo

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You'll find a tutorial on YouTube for everything: from changing a setting on Windows, to cooking a new recipe. This applies to logo design as well - there are a ton of YouTube videos that help you with the process. 

These are a great resource if you’re just starting out your career as a logo designer. Many of them are also good if you want a refresher or intend to pick up new skills, tricks, or techniques.

Video 1 - How to Design a Logo

This video is from YouTuber Karen Kavett. Karen describes herself as a graphic designer and a crafter — so an all-round creative type. The video is only four minutes long and covers all the key basics of good logo design using some of the most famous logos in the world as examples. If you’re just beginning, this is a great place to start.


Video 2 - How to Create a Great Logo Design

In this seven-minute video you’ll get six pro tips from designer, Will Paterson. His channel has over 135k subscribers who watch his videos on all things related to graphic design. As well as being a YouTuber, Will is also a professional designer specialising in identity and branding. 

Video 3 - 10 Logo Design Tips

This video is from the designer, blogger, and YouTuber, Becky Kinkead. The video lasts just over three minutes, but Becky manages to include 10 must-know tips into that short space of time. All of them will help with any logo design project you undertake.


Video 4 - How to Create a Logo in Adobe Illustrator CC - Start to Finish

This video is from Adobe Creative Cloud TV and Terry White. Terry is a YouTuber with over 389k subscribers who publishes videos on how to use Adobe products, including Illustrator. This video focuses on the technical rather than the design aspects of creating a logo. If you want to get better at using Illustrator, however, it’s must-see viewing.


Video 5 - Create a Hipster Logo in Adobe Illustrator

This video is from Teela Cunningham. She runs the website Every-Tuesday, an educational resource for graphic designers. The website includes a resource library, online courses, digital products, and video tutorials. This tutorial is about designing a hipster logo — a style that is currently very popular.


Video 6 - How to Design a Logo

Roberto Blake is an entrepreneur, YouTuber, and live speaker who helps businesses, designers, and marketing professionals create effective brands and logos. His YouTube channel has over 240k subscribers. This video is short at just under four minutes but it goes through many of the essential elements of creating a good logo.


Video 7 - How to design a logo fast

Before & After is a magazine for design professionals and those interested in design. It covers everything from logo creation to posters to brochures and everything between. In this video, John McWade from Before & After shows you how to create a light logo — one that you need to create quickly.


Video 8 - How to Create a Logo in Photoshop

This video is from Photoshop Tutorials, a website that offers both free and pro tutorials on how to use Photoshop. They range from beginner tutorials to in-depth advanced tutorials. In this free YouTube video, Aaron Nace from Photoshop Tutorials shows you how to create a logo using Photoshop.


Video 9 - Logo Design Tutorial in Adobe Illustrator / Episode 1

This video is from the popular YouTuber, Stephen Looney. It is actually the first in a series of "boot camp" videos - there are 26 in the series. He uses a different letter in the alphabet for each video in the series to teach you how to design logos using Adobe Illustrator. As this is the first video, it focuses on the letter A.


Video 10 - Professional Logo Design Tutorial Adobe Illustrator CC 2014

This is another video from Stephen Looney. In fact, this one is a summary of the videos in the boot camp series mentioned in the point above. It goes through everything you need to know to create a professional logo using Adobe Illustrator. It covers many graphic design and logo design techniques but mostly focuses on the technical aspects of creating a logo.


Video 11 - How to Make a Logo in Illustrator 

This video is from Kelvin Designs, a website by Kelvin Pimont. It offers free and premium tutorials on how to use Photoshop. In this video, Kelvin shows you how to create a typographical logo in Illustrator. It’s designed for beginners, so feel free to give it a watch even if you don't know how to use the software.

Did we miss any videos? Let us know in the comments below!

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