Boost Your Productivity With These Freelancer Tools

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Freelancers have different techniques in getting their tasks done. Whatever your work process is, there’s one significant measure to keep in mind: productivity.

Productivity is the “quality, state, or fact of being able to generate, create, enhance, or bring forth goods and services”.

Time management affects your productivity. Although you are free to choose how you work, you still have deadlines to meet and employers to keep. You wouldn’t want to lose any of them because you can’t complete tasks on time. This is where productivity matters the most.

freelancer productivity tools

Tips on how you can become more productive

The list could go way longer than this but here are a few productivity tips to follow:

1. Wake up earlier. Apple CEO Tim Cook starts his day at 3:45 am.

2. Try the 2-Minute Rule if you want to get rid of procrastination.  

3. Limit your to-do list. That overwhelming Trello board might not help keep your focus.

4. Use the Pomodoro Technique to break down big tasks and take short frequent breaks.

5. Decide with your employer when and how often you’ll catch-up to track the project’s progress. A video call lets you have faster and clearer communication.

6. Use the Freelancer mobile and desktop apps.

Freelancer tools that help boost your productivity

Imagine you’re at a grocery store waiting in line to pay for your goods. If you installed the Freelancer Mobile App on your smartphone, you can kill time by searching for new projects to place your bid.

You can also use this time for a quick chat with your employer and send files if you have them stored on your phone. With the app, there’s always something productive to do anytime, anywhere.

freelancer productivity tools

And when you’re back at home working on your computer, the Freelancer Desktop App is your reliable productivity tool.

The app tracks your working hours. You can focus more on your tasks because you don’t need to watch the clock every now and then to count the time you’ve spent working. Every time you use the desktop app, you can see how much time you put in on tasks big or small. It aids in time management and helps you distinguish which activities you should prioritize.


You don’t need to close the app and use another tool to communicate with your employers. Ask for clarifications, get feedback, or update employers with the project status by sending a message via chat.

Best of all, the app does automatic invoicing. Do your tasks and the app will record all your worked hours to make sure you get paid for every minute spent completing your milestones.

Next time you’re awarded a project, use these tools to maximize your productivity.

Download the apps:


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