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With over 800 projects on the site, CreativeDesires is one of the trusted users on Freelancer.com. The two designers behind the account are Sudip Roy and Priyabrata Roy, who hail from a small town 60 kilometers away from Kolkata, India. Sudip, 27, is a graphic designer, while Priyabrata, 25, is a Web designer and developer.

(Left - Sudip, Right - Priyabrata)

Sudip and Priyabrata have known each other since high school. They went to separate universities and took different programs. Sudip studied Graphic Design and Animation while Priyabrata studied Computer Science, but they remained in close contact. Immediately after graduating, Sudip got a job at a local design agency, but left a year later because of the long hours and artistic restrictions. Coincidentally, Priyabrata was just as unhappy in his workplace.

“While surfing the Internet looking for possible ways to earn money, I stumbled upon Freelancer.com, previously GetaFreelancer. I asked Priyabrata if he would like to work with me on side projects, and he said yes. It turned out he also quit his job and was in need of work,” Sudip said. With a dial-up Internet connection and an Intel Pentium 4 computer, the two started freelancing from Sudip’s home.

The most memorable project they had was also their first -- a logo design worth US$35. “We completed the project on time and got excellent feedback. I won’t forget it because it was our major motivation at that time. The amount may be small, but it was a sign that we were off to a good start,” said Sudip, whose account now holds a Preferred Freelancer status on the site.

The top three principles they abided by in the beginning still holds true for them today. Be honest and never cheat on your clients, bid only if you can do the job, and be up to date with the current trends. “We stuck to these and more. I would give the same advice to starting freelancers.”

Other factors that helped them get a solid start on Freelancer were the site features. The chat feature prevents the need to use Skype and other tools to communicate offsite, which made working on Freelancer more secure, according to Sudip. Since Freelancer is also their only source of income, the Milestone Payments feature ensures that they will be paid during and after every project.

“We work on about two to three projects each on the site per week and earn up to US$2,000 per month. We could barely support ourselves with our incomes before, but now, with our Freelancer.com earnings, we are able to extend help to our parents and siblings.

More than the earnings, Sudip and Priyabrata enjoy their freedom. “No more required hours, and no more bosses to please. We work anytime and anywhere we want.”

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