Desktop App Available for Mac OS X!

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The wait is finally over!

The desktop app is now available for Mac OS X. Yes, Mac users can now take advantage of the following amazing perks:

For Freelancers:

  • Helps build trust between employee and employer

Freelancers just need to log in to the app to show their employers the hard work they’re putting in for every hourly project! It helps them gain their employers’ trust and build lasting working relationships.

  • Get paid for every hour of work

Forget about horror stories of unpaid working hours! The desktop app helps the freelancers get paid for all working hours because it shows them the time work started and ended, thereby serving as proof of productivity.

  • Increase earnings by as much as 150%*.

Sankalp Agrawal, Computer Science and Engineering student and freelancer, is just one of the hundreds of desktop app users who have increased their hourly project earnings by using the tool. He attests to getting paid for every single hour he works when logged in to the desktop app. Increased earnings is a guarantee!

For Employers:

  • Monitors the progress of freelancers

The desktop app can efficiently help employers keep track of their freelancers’ work milestones. They don’t have to wonder if their freelancers are productive in their projects or not.

  • Ensures production of quality work

It takes a screenshot every few minutes and allows employers to leave comments. This makes for efficient collaboration between employer and freelancer.

  • Confirms hours worked by freelancers

Employers will never have to worry about paying for unproductive hours! The desktop app assures that every hour billed is actual hour worked by freelancers.

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why thousands of subscribers who use Linux and Windows have downloaded and used the desktop app. Now, Mac users can join their ranks too!

Download the app now and start enjoying the privileges it has to offer.

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