A Law Firm Hires on Freelancer and Takes a Leap to the Future

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Estefano Perdiguero, a Master’s Degree student of the Universidad Europea de Madrid, manages his family’s business website. The site markets the services offered by his mother who works as an attorney. Estefano handles the website design, content, and search engine optimization (SEO).

“As a business website, it must always look its best. Good design and content lead to better customer experience, which may be the defining factors on whether they choose us over other lawyers,” Estefano shared.

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Aside from the design, he stressed the importance of their search engine ranking. SEO is a vital factor to increase their site traffic. Getting on the first page of search results improves their online visibility.

Despite an effective search engine positioning, only a few people were reaching out to their business. He thought that users weren't satisfied with the site’s design and functionality.

A Fresh Start

Estefano turned to Freelancer to get help in migrating their website to Wordpress. He is up-to-date when it comes to technology and online career trends so Freelancer.com isn't something new to him. He knows hiring a remote freelancer was perfect because it’s less costly and finding the right candidate didn’t take up much time compared to offline headhunting.

Estefano signed up and posted his Wordpress project.

The winning bid came from cl4udio, a Venezuelan Wordpress developer. Out of the shortlisted candidates, he provided the most insights about the project. He also earned great reviews and ratings from previous employers.

Not only did cl4udio handle the site's migration, he also redesigned it. He added some features that could help customers navigate the site easier. The design became even more professional.

The new website made the Perdiguero family more confident in their online presence. They are positioned in the top ten results in several search engines for the localized keywords ‘abogados urgencias’.

The Biggest Takeaway

Estefano believes the new site brings the business more clients. He'd love to have most, if not all, business transactions done online. Especially, the drafting of legal forms since they go through several revisions prior to approval.

He advocates the change in people’s environmental habits. For example, lawyers can tone down on the use of paper by going digital.

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"Nowadays, we have to be responsible in using paper. An eco-friendly alternative is by using technologies, such as cloud-based systems and hard drives, that can help lessen wasted paper. Not all lawyers in Spain have adopted the practice, but I hope they do,” shared Estefano.

The Perdiguero’s now experience the benefits of their new website. They now have a modernized website, a much better SEO position, and the opportunity to inspire other business owners to adopt practices that benefit the world.

With Freelancer, anyone can elevate their business and change the world around. Sign up and post a project today.

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