LOOK: How Freelancers Imagined the New Nokia 3310

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A day before Valentine’s Day, a sweet buzz spread online: Nokia 3310 was about to make a comeback. Nostalgic feels escalated quickly as people who used to own this popular feature phone shared the news.

Legendary. Indestructible. Ultimate weapon against zombies.

That’s how we describe the 3310. Nokia launched the handset 17 years ago but we couldn’t get enough of its awesomeness. Long battery life, fancy phone covers, Snake -- there’s a lot to love about this infamous mobile phone.

On February 17, we, not being able to hide our excitement, launched a design contest and asked our community to help us imagine how the new 3310 would look like.

The contest ended on Feb. 24, two days before HMD Global launched the reboot of the iconic phone at the Mobile World Congress. We received over 130 entries and below are some of the designs that wowed us.

grandprizewinner2.gifMAIN WINNER. Entry #69 by black3ye5


runnerup-3310A.gifRUNNER-UP. Entry #53 by kervintuazon


runnerup-nokiaB.gifRUNNER-UP. Entry #46 by ODBdesign


QWuvndJ-yC5ITf9dO0IrgnBXRJT90RYvwP1SSM2J2_Byw_IcF14hECrJ2u9hPY8GmsXH-q8WXALGkyvc8i6ooaXP7_50ku27Xj-X5dNJna3McARU9SxzKY2piZZal54ePcmvk7xnEntry #77 by adroitdevisor


RxBBFTRLfBsBJ7QSKBNi3s06fH5RU1TfxxqSmdUXigv8Z22ZULKWrom8VvOPD1pwI9IsI2L9VcbdlMnSLshzpKyH9E18XHYuqCodqd4I6-oq_cObXFJuG871EQkLB6IYbjpEZCniEntry #8 by hijazidesigns


g5KyanrHxvHVUPLs9pVYVFg9P7mfOsLSmxr6ylT75hTVKpSZJBcEkyXHvQjNULfRSkBw_pHJX3mSZwmNreDtD9YHMnaKOgykV-OajinvA7Wh-FJ8_bnS22jsyzX8webSZJj2FpQDEntry #58 by cvlad


Go3a3pHLSm8Xxfyan-Zhs67q2uCiABVQg9REfFtlwbww3KsRRSXynR0eXbIomCYUtrCCfzYVPYG34Xc2pGsTJd4ZASu9PwDlBHXSrI-Xq2QYeBcfDRAmlms2aaDhjAMjJwWaHGtGEntry #105 by ruelmontero


artseba1.jpgEntry #21 by artseba185

See the rest of the entries here.

There are many skilled freelancers on our platform who can provide you with design assets as imaginative as the ones featured above. Post a 3D design project or a contest and see how they can turn your idea into a stunning product.


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