What Do You Want to Achieve This Year? [POLL]

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Back in January, we posted a Twitter poll to find out what our followers want to achieve this year. We’re sharing the results here to see how many more of you are working on the same goals.

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We enumerated four goals in the poll -- earn more, start a business, learn a new skill, and travel while you work. Here are the results:

Earn more (34 percent of votes)

By how much do you want to boost your earnings? If you’re serious about doubling or tripling what you’ve earned last year or last quarter, for sure you’ve been searching for the best strategies you can do. This blog shows nine surefire ways to grow your freelance business and earn more.

We’ve talked about how freelancers can win recurring projects here and here. Recurring projects mean recurring income, which can augment your monthly average earnings. If you want to have a regular income as a freelancer, follow the tips Mridu Khullar Relph shared in this guide.

Are you new to freelancing? It’s thrilling to list down goals and imagine all the awesome things that could happen if you make it big. You can earn enough money to move to a bigger house, put up your own company, or travel the world. But it takes hard work, real hard work, to conquer those celebratory milestones. Targeting to earn your first $1,000 from your freelance projects? Going from zero to hero is doable. Paul Jarvis will show you how.

Start a business (25 percent of votes)

Are you part of this 25 percent who wanted to build a business? Being an entrepreneur is an exciting adventure, but it’s not pure fun all the time. Running a business is like raising a child -- you have to nurture and care for it until it’s full-grown.

If you’re sure about wanting to start your own business, but you don’t know how to begin, check out these resources:

Travel while you work (22 percent of votes)

You often hear about digital nomads and their enviable work-life balance. Some run their business from a postcard-worthy island. Others hustle from one country to another after getting one project done.

Chris Guillebeau, author of bestselling books and the man behind the community of ‘world changers’, is a modern-day explorer. Former corporate manager turned writer-photographer Christine Gilbert has traveled to 39 countries with her husband. Do you want to be like them? Before jumping in, see if you’ve got what it takes to survive the life of a digital nomad.

Learn a new skill (19 percent)

It could be because of work or the decision to shift from being an employee to a freelancer that respondents voted for this option. Learning a new skill has become more accessible and cheaper. There are even online courses from top universities in the world that you can sign up for free. These learning websites are beneficial to anyone who wants to level up.

Want to learn a new skill twice as fast? Keep your brain learning.  

Here’s the poll we posted via our Twitter account:

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Goal setting is not an exclusive new year activity. Why not add more objectives to your list as we move into the second quarter of 2017 and make it a fulfilling and productive year?

There are many ways you can achieve your goals. There are people out there who can help you turn your daydreamed projects into reality. Or maybe you can give a hand to others who have ideas that could make a huge impact in the community.

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