Has Your Job Hunt Hit a Dead End?

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Why not try freelancing online instead?

It’s been more than two weeks and you’re still waiting for a phone call. You keep refreshing your email inbox every hour just to see if any of the companies you reached out to finally decided to get you in for an interview, only to find nothing. The seeming lack of results often takes its toll on even the most enthusiastic of people and makes you question if you’re worth it.

This is it, you think. This is career limbo.

If your job search has hit a seemingly dead end, don’t give up! The best course of measure we can give is to wait a little longer… or change your game plan, and try freelancing instead!

It’s not you, it’s just the way the system works. Know how to widen the scope of your job search, and increase the possibilities of getting out of unemployment.


Devote time to searching! Know what other skills you have that you can use for a potential career shift, if this one’s just not working out for you. Ask yourself what types of jobs you can look at and which ones would need your skills, and preferably, share your interests as well!

Think about your hobbies or your passions, and take it from there. Even better if you think outside the box! Don’t know how to get started? Check out Freelancer.com’s Jobs and Projects page for a list of skills and potential projects for you.

Create a Game Plan

Choose a goal and achieve it! Have you decided that you want to focus on a certain career or line of work? Make a mental note or write it down, so that you stay focused on your goal. At the same time, set a number of options for yourself. Many roads can take you there!

Does your goal require new or additional skills? Accept the challenge, and be better at it! Evaluate your skills and where you stand, and find ways of how you can improve yourself. Take online courses, join online webinars, or take exams as additional credentials to increase your chances of bagging a project!

Use Social Media

Social media is everything these days. If you can (and we highly recommend it), create an online profile that would showcase your previous projects and experiences. Rejuvenate your resume. Include a portfolio for greater chances of getting that project! Include your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn (as long as you think it will be to your professional advantage). If you already have an account at Freelancer.com, we suggest completing your profile, filling out your skill set, and uploading a portfolio!

Be Patient

Success is a waiting game. But if it’s for you, it will happen. Keep bidding, and keep trying!

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