How to Market Your Brand to Millennial Moms

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Millennials -- the people born between 1980 and 2000 -- are now parents.In 2014, 90% of new mothers in the US are millennial moms. How well do you know this cohort? There’s a good chance they’re part of your market, if not your main market.

Since we’re only counting hours until Mother’s Day, let’s try to understand millennial moms a little bit better, and see what you can do to make them trust your brand more.

Millennial Moms: Who Are They

Think of Jessica Alba, Alicia Keys, and Megan Fox. You can freely say they’re the young, cool moms of today; the ones that clearly define what modern parenting is.


Their Online Engagement Behavior

Millennials in general are the extremely connected. For millennial moms, social media is a necessary tool. As compared to regular moms who have an average of 2.6 social network accounts, they have an average of 3.4 accounts. Millennial moms are highly engaged with brands and their communities on social media.


People in their networks consider their opinion first before buying something, proving how influential millennial moms are. This is because they are more likely to write about the products and services they purchase and use. According to AdvertisingAge, millennial moms are digital extroverts and often overshare thoughts and emotions online.

Their Purchasing Behavior

Millennial moms research first about the products before they buy, and consider blogs as their most trusted source. Half of the cohort purchase products through their digital devices. If you haven’t optimized your site for mobile view, then you’ve got work to do.


According to Forbes, millennial moms patronize brands that are honest, friendly, and social conscious. There’s a huge 92% of them who are more likely to buy products from you if your brand supports charities and causes. Talk about moms who want to pay it forward!

How To Make Millennial Moms Love Your Brand

Now that you have a clearer idea of what they look for in a brand, what will your next step be? Consider these tips:

  1. Review your current market to see if there are more of these millennial moms who have been supporting your business all this time.
  2. Check the engagements on your social media channels. Are the most active users millennial moms? Listen to what they’re saying.
  3. Use their language when you post something online to make them feel more connected.
  4. Know how, where, and when they want to be reached. You know how being a mom is a role that goes on 24/7.

We hope you’ve gained valuable tips from this post. If you’re reading this and you’re a mom from any generation, a Happy Mother’s Day to you!

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