Instagram: The Image-based Marketing Tool

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A picture is worth a thousand words. On Instagram – the image-sharing social media site –  a picture may be worth a thousand customers.

Instagram is one of the world’s leading image-sharing sites with over 30 billion images shared so far. It is also worth nothing that the platform has about 300 million active accounts. You therefore cannot afford to ignore Instagram when creating your marketing campaigns. So how should you go about using Instagram to market your business?

Create an Account

In order for you to have access to the millions of active users of Instagram, you need to create an account and designate the account for your business.

Create Content

Instagram is all about content—both photos and videos. You should therefore get started on creating very high quality content once you have created an account. You want your images to stand out, which is why quality matters.

Your pictures should not simply be business-oriented. No one likes blatant advertising. Make an effort to create fun pictures that are related to your business in some way. It is important that your images are so good that they begin to attract likes and followers. The more likes and followers your images have, the more visible your business profile will be.

Since videos are highly favored by search engines, take time to create great ones for your Instagram followers. Make them unique, interesting, short, and to-the-point.

Share Away

Since Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook, connecting your accounts has never been easier. You should share your Instagram images on your Facebook page to expand your audience.

You can also embed the best of your Instagram videos on your site. This will direct your site traffic to your Instagram site. You will then be able to build a long-term relationship with your Instagram followers.

Tag Like Mad

Create tags and hashtags that are associated with your images. Using popular hashtags will make it likely for people who have never heard of your business or brand before to access your account and its contents.

Using the right image tags on the other hand, will put your company name and profile at the forefront when people get to see your images. If your posts are interesting enough, people will search for your business online in order to learn more.

Be a Team Player

Instagram is not just about being followed. You should also take time to follow others and like their best works. This makes them more inclined to do the same for you. You will therefore be able to garner a bigger following in the long term.

Provide Value

Creating content won't do anything for you if the content in question has no value for your audience. Your content should entertain, inform, and inspire your followers. Hit these three targets and they will begin to look you up for more. This in turn will make them more amenable to your products and services when you choose to sell to them later on.

For example, if you have a hair products business, you can create a series of images showing the most interesting hairstyles from around the world. Many people will find such information entertaining and interesting. It may even inspire others to try out new hairstyles, and of course, make them curious about what you're offering.


Instagram provides many avenues for marketing your business. You just have to be creative with the photos and images you share. Always focus on putting out content that your audience will appreciate while taking note of your brand. Try the platform!

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