Is Your Company Giving Video The Love It Deserves?

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Is your company giving video the love it deserves?

The time a potential client spends on a website is one of the most monitored metrics on the internet. Forward-looking entrepreneurs will efficiently utilize videos as a tool to increase engagement with their audience.

While many websites function using a significant percentage of photos and text, business enthusiasts are fast realizing the persuasive power of videos. The co-founders of InVidz, John S. Rizzo and V. Michael Santoro, reiterate that videos are very influential, and can convince clients to extend their stay on a website by approximately two more minutes.

For an amateur, two minutes may not seem important; a professional knows that success in this area may be defined in a matter of seconds. With every second that clients spend on a website, they interact and connect with services and products offered. Would you rather they spent that time elsewhere? Rizzo goes on to say that the longer the clients stay on a website, the greater their tendency to purchase the products.

According to Forrester Research, a website that uses videos often is more likely to get ranked on the first couple of pages of search engines.

You might be familiar with the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, one video clip has a value greater than 1.8 million words. Big corporations have been practicing video-enabled marketing for a  long time.

What difference can videos make in digital marketing?

1. Email Marketing

Including videos in emails increases click-through rates to between 200% and 300%. Marketers can also embed their videos so they can be found on their blogs, websites, and social media pages. The following tips address how marketers can optimize their videos:

  • Include a titleEnsure that the email subject includes a catchy title to grab a potential client's attention. Utilize appropriate keywords in the video title so potential customers can find it easily on search engines.

  • Come up with Appropriate ContentCarry out sufficient research to identify the target market and their preferences. How-to videos are helpful, as they offer solutions and value to the viewers. Marketers should carry out extensive research before creating videos. This enables them to deliver quality content that will convince clients of their skill, competence, and knowledge.

  • Include your URL in the VideoThere are different video editing options that marketers can utilize to add their website link address. This often helps market the website, thereby gaining the marketer more exposure.

2. Mobile Devices

Many people use their mobile devices to access videos. This trend continues to grow and is expected to rise exponentially. According to a study by Cisco, 75% of mobile traffic will be video-based by the year 2020. How can companies use mobile videos to market their brands?

  • Embed videos on all their social networks and websites. This ensures they reach a wider audience.

  • Be consistent! Marketers can induce a following to their channels by regularly posting videos with relevant content.

  • Ensure the videos include a call to action. Marketers should ask their viewers to visit their websites for more information, leave a comment on their videos, share the video, or sign up for their newsletter.

  • Use the video to educate viewers about problems they face, while discussing possible solutions. The marketers can indicate their support towards various solutions, thereby gaining more followers.

3. Customer Activity

Videos play a big role in convincing potential clients to make a purchase. It is estimated that 64% percent of individuals are likely to purchase the product after watching a video. This is according to comScore, Inc., a company that evaluates consumer behavior. According to a survey carried out by Animoto, a digital video provider, 71% of consumers indicated that watching videos was quite convincing when it came to encouraging spending.

Today, technological advancements have made video use and creation quite easy and convenient, which explains why videos are becoming popular in the digital marketing industry. Rizzo indicates that businesses that do not embrace video enhancement are missing out on an opportunity to increase sales, engagement, and propel their presence in the marketplace to greater heights.

Rizzo encourages clients to incorporate video to promote and enhance their entrepreneurship entities through numerous recommendations, word of mouth, and sharing on the social media.

What can marketers do to enhance video creativity?

  • EducateTell the viewers about the services and products the company offers. Include crucial details such as the benefits and product features. Be honest, and inform them what the package contains if they plan to order online. This will enable marketers to develop trust with potential clients.

  • Provide AnswersCarry out research, and identify the frequently asked questions about your services and products. Create video clips, stating the questions and providing appropriate answers. Ensure the videos are short, but educative and conclusive.

  • Include product reviewsProduct reviews are powerful. Many potential clients spend time on research before purchasing their preferred products. Creating an informative review is likely to attract more potential clients, and potentially convert them into buyers.

  • Grow your list of potential clientsEvery business needs to have a list of both existing and potential clients. Create a video, asking potential clients to provide you with their contact details in exchange for some merchandise. This can either be informative articles, product review videos or articles about the products your company offers. Marketers should create their video content in relation to their preferred niche.

  • Present case studies with resultsEvery client provides marketers with a learning experience. Marketers can create videos, explaining their case studies and conveying the results they achieved in the process.

  • The power of behind-the-scene videosBehind-the-scene videos provide viewers with an insight, and give businesses a  natural feel. Use this opportunity to show viewers what it takes to get things done. Marketers can also offer some tips for accomplishing success in the business.

  • Allow viewers to ask questions and provide appropriate answersIn this era, when live videos are becoming popular, you have a good opportunity to interact one-on-one with the viewers. Many social media pages support live videos - for free. Marketers can profit from this practice by welcoming questions and answering them appropriately. In addition, a live video can be used to address customer concerns.

The emergence of digital marketing and social media has helped propel businesses to greater levels. Currently, there is a lot of pressure from already established entities, whose videos are professionally shot. This should not discourage the small and medium-sized businesses from utilising this technology. Marketers should try video marketing regardless of the quality of their videos. With regular practice, they are sure to improve in the art of video marketing.

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