Dream Fulfilled: Australian Startup Founder Launches Lost and Found Website

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Have you ever lost something?

We all have lost one thing or another. It may not happen to you often, but it may be a frequent matter for other people. You could lose anything at any given moment. It could be your smartphone, your laptop, or your wallet containing credit cards and cash. Losing something valuable can really be frustrating.

Luke Cubis, 36, from Sydney, Australia, pondered on the problem. “I realized that no one had a technology solution for this issue,” he shared. The problem, losing things every now and then, has been present from time immemorial, yet no innovative solution has been made. Luke wanted to change this reality.

Founding itsFOUND

He founded “itsFOUND”, a 21st-century solution to a long-standing problem. “An online office management software open to both enterprises and the public sphere alike,” Luke said.

Once a company is registered, they can upload a list of items that have been found in their establishment. The cloud-based software allows customers and employees to view the lost and found lists of companies. Most of Luke’s clients are hotels and shopping malls. Another big client that is eyeing itsFOUND is an international airport. Gradually, companies are realizing the value of Luke’s startup.

The software is not limited to companies alone. It can also be used by the general public. People can access the public dashboard once they’re registered on the site. This is where you can upload details of the item you lost and the location of the incident. The person who knows the whereabouts of your lost item can easily send you a text or an email.

Building the Brand

Like all business owners, Luke and his partners experienced a few bumps here and there. They had their doubts in starting the business because local web development companies quoted them sky-high prices for such project. “We could not afford to have it done in Australia so the concept would have failed,” Luke shared.

“Freelancer.com was recommended to me by a friend of mine who is the founder of a different tech startup in Sydney. I did a lot of research and Freelancer seemed like the best option. I guess my assumption was correct,” he said.

 In his search for an alternative to hiring local web developers, he chose Freelancer.com and hired a remote freelancer. The itsFOUND website was already created before Luke worked with a freelancer, but it had so much more to improve.

Without any hesitation, Luke registered on the website and hired a freelancer for the job. Having Keshav Infotech recreate the website paved the way for Luke’s startup launch.

“They are extremely capable website coders and their English is good, so communication is fine. They are at par or even better than the previous coders I have worked with, and much more affordable. The truth is, they created a company and a dream. It would not have been attempted without the help of our freelancers and we are forever grateful. Freelancer gave us an opportunity go and attempt a dream, and it has been brilliant!” he said.

Today, Luke and his partners are brainstorming on other businesses they can start. With the help of Freelancer.com, their imagination knows no bounds.

 “We are looking at other business ideas and projects we can start on Freelancer too. People really need to use Freelancer, no matter how big or small their dream, they can make it financially viable. It's opened up a whole new world of technology and innovation in the startup sector. The Australian government should really be promoting websites like Freelancer as part of their innovation package because Freelancer can be a major catalyst for growth in the innovation sector,”

-- Luke Cubis

Do you want to start your own business but still have some things you need to get done? Don’t let your worries stop you from launching your awesome startup. Hire a freelancer and explore all possibilities!

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