Make More as a Writer With These 5 Tips

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If you've wondered how you can best display your work on, and how to impress more clients, then this is the advice you've been looking for. It’s no secret that gets a lot of writing projects, and if you want to win them you need to read on. The first place to you can start editing is your profile. This is where employers will look first, and if you can write an amazing profile, then you will be off to a good start. But what about your portfolio? Let me tell you some of the secrets of an amazing writers portfolio.

1. Use images

By using images you can keep your formatting in place and show your work the way you intended it to be. Next time you complete a piece of work, upload an image of it completed so that people can see it properly. Which brings us to our next point...

2. Display the work in its final form

If you wrote something, you designed it to be formatted for a particular reason: a blog post, a landing page or a letter. Show these examples. They will show your work in a better fashion and make you look more professional.

3. Use a template to format your writing

A real writer knows that spacing and placement can change how something is read, and your portfolio is no different. By using a template to post your work you can increase your credibility. Look to Medium or other writing sites for examples

4. Triple check for spelling and grammar and formatting

This sounds crazy, but even the best and busiest writers have been known to make mistakes. If someone is looking to hire a writer, one mistake anywhere on your profile will turn them off completely.

5. Tailor your portfolio to the kind of writing that you do

Do you write long copy? Content? Short headlines? Show employers you know what you're doing and what you're an expert in.

Showing off great writing on isn’t always easy, but by following some of these steps you can make yourself stand out from the crowd.


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