Business Startups: Must-Have Business Systems You Need To Have

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When you start out in business it’s not all coffees and lunches; you need to make sure you have all the systems in place so you can get your business growing with limited manpower.

Having the right tools when you’re a startup is essential as when the bills start to roll in, and they will, you’ll need to have plenty of systems in place to ensure you are growing and building your business so you can bring in the money you need to prosper and cover all your expenses.

In the world of startup business, there are plenty of systems that can be created and refined to manage your people, products, and processes that will ensure your business is firing on all cylinders.

Business systems can be designed for acquiring new customers, hiring and training staff, sales, marketing and content, accounting & payroll, debt collections, IT, security, office management and business improvement. While it all may seem like a care of systems gone mad, having a little bit of structure in your startup is a good way to ensure that you are efficient and effective rather than just flying by the seat of your pants.

In this article, we explore some essential business systems you might want to engage in your startup so you can kick off with a good start and accelerate your growth.

Why Does Your Startup Need Business Systems? 

Systems aren’t just a nerdy term for lots of tasks; they offer startups the ability to get off to a good start with processes that promote consistency and capacity to accelerate sales growth. If you’ve been in the startup game before, you’ll be aware that sometimes business can be feast or famine and having some solid business systems in place allows for owners to fast-track growth and keep a good eye on profit.

You’ll be able to plan a heck of a lot more within your business and your systems will increase the quality and speed of your product or service offering. On top of this business systems provide assurance to your customer base that you’re on top of things and help you to stand out as a business that is striving for best practice within your industry.

Business systems not only improve a customer’s buyer experience but also help any team members to make their job experience a little better through training, increased productivity, clear instructions – which should hopefully work to make you look super organized and boost employee satisfaction. Win win.

At the end of the day, business systems work to improve your ROI and maximize your income and build some value within your business. While they can easily be fobbed off as a ‘to do later’ type job, business systems will help you to take a little risk out of running your startup and create some stable processes so you can run your business without having to be on the job 24/7.

What Are The Must-Have Business Systems For Your Startup?

While every startup is unique, there are plenty of systems you might consider when you are setting up and looking to grow your new business. Some of these systems may be relevant to you, some might not, however it’s important to be aware of them in case you ever need them.

Systems don’t have to be for massive tasks like IT and HR, they can be for smaller things like collecting feedback from your customers, basic induction processes and creating proposals or quotes – the aim of the game is to create some rules or procedures that allow individuals to operate the business as the company grows without you looking over their shoulder at every move.

If set up well, business systems can free up tons of your time and allow you to focus on the things you do best rather than the day to day tasks that can be handed over to other team members so you can focus on growing your business.

Here’s some systems a startup might look at setting up within their shiny new business:

Set up an accounting system

This is probably the first thing you would and should be looking at setting up as a business system. Gone are the days of managing paper ledger books and using Excel for your accounting systems, innovative startups are embracing accounting systems and online tools such as QuickBooks and Xero to create all the essential accounting materials so you can sit back and watch the money roll in.

The systems manage everything on your behalf and can monitor your bank accounts, cash flow, income, and expenses so that with the help of a bookkeeper you have everything at your fingertips 24/7. Online accounting systems literally save dozens of hours of work for everyone involved and are a few dollars a month ongoing for access.

Create an employee handbook

If you are rapidly growing or just want to ensure you have a firm policy in place for all new employees it’s essential to have an employee handbook so that both you and your new team members have all the info about your employee expectations at your fingertips. Employee handbooks are basically all the policies and procedures your business has in place in one easy to access and read document.

You employee handbook might be a little lean at first when you start out, however, could grow to include attendance policy, benefits policy, community giving policy, confidentiality policy, online policy, dress code, drug policy, ethics policy, maternity leave and parental leave, holiday policy, leave and medical leave, payroll policy, reimbursement policy, and workers compensations. That said, there are plenty more employee policies and procedures you can add in, and the document will usually be a working one so you can update it ongoing to include all the important procedures you want your team to be aware of.

Set up a CRM

If you started working pre the digital age you’d be well aware of the old way of collating client data, which used to consist of books of contact information, hand written invoices and client folders in filing cabinets and Rolodex systems full of business cards on desks, all of the information was in a shambles and there was no consistency or system to customer relations whatsoever.

Setting up a CRM is a basic way to keep track of all of your clients and contacts for startups and all businesses for that matter. There are plenty of CRM options online for startups, some which charge a monthly fee and some that don’t that are suitable for basic CRM and general collation of client data. Having a CRM means that wherever you are you can tap into the information you need without the age old filing systems and business cards you have strewn all over your desk.

Other business systems you can engage based on the size and growth of your startup include performance review processes and product review systems. While you might start out as a one-man band, having these additional systems in the back of your mind is important as if you do grow quickly and need to take on a team of employees you will need to have business systems in place to ensure you are functioning at optimum levels.

Need Help Setting Up Your Business Systems? 

If you are stumped how to create business systems for your startup the freelance world can help you to set your systems properly, so your business is humming along nicely. Freelance accounting specialists or bookkeepers can assist with your accounting systems, marketing experts or VA’s can help with your CRM, and content experts can help to create your employee handbook.

There is a freelancer for every task for startups, and tapping into a world of freelance talent is a simple way to get some serious business systems support without having to set up everything yourself.

Hire A Freelancer To Set Your Business Up For Success! makes hiring the best talent for your startup easy. If you’re looking to tap into content writing, accounting support or virtual assistant support, you’ll need a talented freelancer with the experience to help get your startup firing on all cylinders. has thousands of freelancers ready and waiting to work on your project. With freelancers based all around the world, you’ll be spoilt for choice for your next marketing project for your startup.

Whatever freelancer you’re looking for to work on your startup, you’ll find the perfect match for your business needs.

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