One Man Turns His Passion for Music

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Adam Gray has a passion for music and a dream. He wants to make the music scene a better place for new and veteran musicians alike.

“I want to make the creation of music a more open environment and try to ‘cross-polinate’ genres and musicians who might not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise,” the video editor and graphic designer said. “Especially for those who are just starting out. They may not know someone who can play banjo for their bluegrass band, but they can certainly log on and find someone who would be willing to collaborate over the Internet.”

This idea led Gray to found The site, which is a play on the term “riff” (a part of a song), is one among many that already exists in cyberspace. While Adam admits that the concept isn’t new, he finds other sites frustrating. “My website is about creating an open space for musicians to participate in building each other up with unique ideas. There are other websites that allow for collaboration but they are either really hard to use or they have restrictions in place on how you are allowed to collaborate, who you are allowed to collaborate with, what you’re allowed to do with your music afterwards. removes all of that.”

To bring the concept to life, he turned to to look for a web developer who was extremely familiar with the different technologies to create what Adam needed. “I didn’t look around too much for other alternatives because I knew was one of the biggest following, and that I could find great talent to help me accomplish my goals for a good price.”

He made good use of the site’s user review feature to find the right partner, and found NavalSoft Developers. “They did everything I needed to get my music collaboration website up and launched. They provided their thoughts and ideas on how to successfully implement the technology I needed to make my complicated website work smoothly. I love the work they did and super stoked I found them on”

Read more about Adam’s story here.

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