8 Personalized Gift Ideas You Can Do on Freelancer.com

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The holiday season is finally here! You are probably as ecstatic as everyone else because, according to one song, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.


One of the most laborious tasks during the holidays is coming up with gifts for our families, friends, and co-workers. What makes gift giving harder is if most people you know seem to have everything. You're unsure of what to get them that won't break the bank. Well, to many people that could be a headache, but for some, it’s a sweet challenge.


For those of you who need a little bit of help with what to give away to those people, here are eight personalized gifts ideas you can get done on Freelancer.


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An illustration of them or someone they love


You can find a long list of gifted artists on Freelancer.com that could turn a photograph into a lovely illustration. Wouldn't your grandma love an illustration of her children or maybe her dog?


Graphic designs they can print and display in their home


Decorating a house is a tough job, especially if you have a theme and you can't seem to find the right design pieces. Posting a graphic design contest for decorative pieces you’d like to give to a loved one is a sweet gesture. Apart from the winning entry, you can also buy other designs you’d like.


An artistic greeting card


Are you tired of the same old greeting cards and need something more personal? Create a contest and get the most original greeting card of the year!


A video


Why not get a freelancer to make a compilation video of all the clips you’ve documented through the years? How about a presentation of old pictures you treasure the most that your special someone will appreciate just as you do.  


A personalized calendar


The new year is just around the corner, so why not take advantage of it and get a freelancer to design a customized 2017 calendar. You could use family pictures, and even set reminders for birthdays and special occasions.


A tattoo design


This option is rather edgy but pretty cool. Do you have someone in your circle who is a tat lover? Why not create a contest and get freelancers to propose their cool designs? You never know, they might love it and get it done!


A customized recipe book


Not sure what to get your mom this year? Wouldn't it be lovely to gather all of her recipes and turn it into a special recipe book? Hire someone who can make this gift idea into reality.


A customized t-shirt design


How cool would it be to get a customized t-shirt for your family and friends? Maybe hire a designer to create a cartooned design for t-shirts you could give to your favorite people.


Freelancer.com is a great source of outstanding talent that can help you out in several ways, on different occasions, especially if you are trying to create something awesome!

Don’t waste a minute. Create a project now for that perfect personalized gift.

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