Quick Solutions for Efficient Freelancer and Employer Communication

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Communication weighs significantly in online collaboration or in any work setting for that matter, as it leads everyone involved in achieving the set goal. In the case of employers and freelancers collaborating remotely, communication is one of the most vital factors that gets them to project completion.

Efficient Communication

As defined by Boundless.com: “Efficient communication conveys a message and achieves a desired effect using the least possible effort and resources”.

"Least effort and resources" means that communicating with your employer or freelancer should be easy, fast, and uncomplicated. Efficient communication is characterized by brevity. Ask a question, get the answer immediately. No need for long conversations that only eat up time, which you should have allotted for more important things.

Employer and Freelancer Communication

If employers know exactly what they want, it will be so much easier for their freelancers to carry out the tasks required for a specific project. On the other hand, if freelancers know the right questions to ask and how to compose those questions, they’ll get the right answers crystal clear.

Most of the time, employers have a lot of things on their plate. That’s no different from freelancers who are working on various tasks to deliver the project on time. However, the need to catch up should not be compromised.

How often do you talk to your employer/freelancer? A few minutes of catching up can help both of you to keep track of everything about the project. Are you right on schedule? Is there something to revise?

Online Communication Tools

We frequently share project plans and initial details via email. But when it’s time to discuss smaller things, we hope for prompt responses and we take the faster routes: send instant messages via chat or do video calls.

These communication tools make lives easier for Freelancer.com users. Employers can chat with their hired freelancers through the following:

The website chat box:

chat on website.png

Employers also have the option to start a video call with their freelancers, and initiate it from the chat box.

Video Chat 2.pngVideo Chat 4.png

The Freelancer Mobile App

Having efficient communication means maximizing all the time you have without putting in too much effort or energy. It’s best achieved if there’s an already established understanding between the two parties involved, and concise and straight-to-the-point messages are easily understood. Keep the communication lines open whichever way you choose, either through chat on the website or the apps, or through the video call.

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