Start Saying 'No' To These Eight Things -Your Life Will Be Far Simpler

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Before you notice you have a problem, a series of red flags will have been raised. Many people will attest to having a hard time saying no to someone. Some people have the luxury of people who will say no on their behalf. Picture a scenario where someone in a high position within a company can delegate the hard task of saying no.

Experts believe that human beings have an intrinsic need to please the people around them. It is easy to fall into the “yes” trap, regardless of any feelings of reluctance or intuition. One thing that people do not realize is that by saying “yes” to one thing, you may be closing the door to other opportunities that are more deserving of your time and resources.

Trying to juggle between life and responsibilities is hard enough without having to include things that are not important to you. When you learn how to say “no”, you will realize that you actually have a lot of energy, time and resources to concentrate on the important things that bring about growth and development in all aspects of your life and business.

Saying “yes” all the time means you may end up over-committing yourself and in turn, short-changing another area that needs attention. Ultimately, you will not be able to put your best foot forward, and your efforts will suffer.

Why do we have such a hard time saying no?

The truth is that most people believe saying yes automatically translates to protecting your business and personal relationships. While this is a big part of it, people also want to keep up appearances and seem helpful in all situations. Do not fall into this trap. This misconception has led people to do more harm than good in some circumstances. Keep in mind, while your performances are suffering you are letting the people around you - and most importantly, yourself - down.

There are freelancing human resource professionals who specialize in handling the task of saying no. However, they should not be a smokescreen. It is important for you to be involved in all aspects of your business, and personal life. You need to do away with the default setting of saying “yes”, analyze each situation and determine the best answer on a case-by-case basis. When outsourcing human resource freelancers from sites like, you will not have to worry about maintaining relationships. These professionals are conversant with the best ways to execute their duties, and uphold your company’s image.

At the end of the day, you need to be able to set boundaries, and keep yours and your company’s best interests at heart. The following are eight things that you should consider saying “no” to, for the sake of self-growth and business development.

1. Say “no” to ridiculous workweeks

People tend to believe the more hours you put into work, the more successful you will be. While this is true to some extent, you also need to realize that the body and mind need to rest and unwind. You also need to ensure your personal relationships are not suffering due to your exaggerated work schedules.

You can easily outsource a professional administrative support freelancer who will enable you to delegate tasks. Keep in mind that delegating does not necessarily mean palming off tasks that you should be taking the lead on. A leader can delegate, and still hold down the fort to their expected capacity.

2. Say “no” to baggage

At times, life can be complicated, and no one is immune to baggage. It is very easy to unload your baggage on someone else without knowing it. It is also very easy for someone else to take advantage and unload their baggage onto you. Chances are, they approached you with one request that you felt obliged to agree to. This one request turned into numerous others, which resulted in you carrying that person’s baggage.

Strive to rid your life of anything that spells negativity. This includes inconsiderate friends and business partnerships that threaten your peace of mind. Make sure everyone you fraternize with aligns with your business and personal goals - without the baggage.

3. Say “no” to some opportunities

Entrepreneurship is like getting on a rollercoaster. You leverage an opportunity to solve a problem, and hope people will get on board as customers. You get on a rollercoaster without knowing which direction it will take and whether you will come out stronger or weaker. The good thing with this rollercoaster is that the more you ride it, the better it gets and ultimately, the better you get.

People tend to fixate on identifying opportunities to such an extent that they miss taking advantage of the resources staring them in the face. Internalize the rollercoaster analogy. Success does not come in a labelled costume.

4. Say “no” to ticking time-bombs

Any situation that is likely to make you angry is a ticking time-bomb. There are certain people and environments that will evoke this reaction in you. When you decide to let go of these people and stay away from volatile environments, you will have rid yourself of intrusions and distractions.

5. Say “no” to a business you hate

There is nothing as demoralizing as sticking with a business you completely abhor. Many people are stuck in this situation because society has made them believe they cannot do better. Make the decision to step out of this misconceived notion and work for your own dreams. Say “no” to the people who encourage you to stay in that business just because starting up something else will be hard work.

Do not waste time wallowing in something you hate. Take a bold step and focus your efforts on something that will make you happy.

6. Say “no” to holding onto the past

Everyone’s past has some semblance of darkness we want to forget. The thing with the past is the memories often haunt and threaten your present. It is important to let go, and say “no” to anything that encourages you to hold on to your past. Letting go and focusing on the limitless possibilities of your future is the way to move forward, happier and more determined.

7. Say “no” to unhealthy habits

There is nothing easier than saying “yes” to unhealthy choices. Whether it is food, or how you spend (or waste) your time, everyone has guilty pleasures. The truth is that every unhealthy habit has consequences. Saying “no” to unhealthy life habits means you can focus your energy on improving your professional and personal life.

8. Say “no” to toxic relationships

Along with the unhealthy habits, get rid of the toxic relationships as well. Toxicity tends to get you off track and distract your focus. You should look at all your relationships like a business; what can you gain and what can you also give to make it grow and flourish? Dabble and negotiate with your relationships and make sure that in the end, both parties are on the winning side. Remember, you cannot be in the same ship with people who want to head in a different direction than you. Make sure your priorities and objectives align.


Saying “no” today does not mean that you will always say “no” to the same situation in the future. The main thing is to get the most out of whatever you are doing by placing your interests first. As much as you will outsource expert human resources and delegate tasks to them, do not dump your responsibilities onto other people. Take control of your decisions, and witness your life changing for the better.

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