Startup has Roots in False Starts

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Life isn’t always how we expect it to be. We plan to do things, to achieve things in our lifetime. Suddenly when we think we are on the right track, we veer off in a totally different direction. We often need false starts in order to get to where we should be. And Amit Singhal, a web developer from India, is no stranger to this, especially when it comes to his attempts to try out freelancing.

Now a successful manager handling global internet marketing for the family business, he has more time to dedicate to web design and development projects on the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace At the same time, he is gaining ground for his startup web development business, Perseverance Technologies, where he is the sole employee.  “I am very much satisfied with Freelancer,” he says. “I am able to use my spare time and generate additional income. In fact, 100% of Perseverance Technologies income is derived from Freelancer projects.”


Graduates with a degree in engineering


Works as a web developer in a local company


Joins in May but work commitments and tight schedules hindered him


Quits job and joins his dad’s new edible oil refinery business


Edible oil refinery business shuts down

Starts own packing edible oil business

Starts Perseverance Technologies, a web development company


Packing edible oil business suffers heavy losses and ceases operations

2013 to present

Works as manager for the family’s 30-year-old edible and non-edible oil trading business

Becomes active on through Perseverance Technologies

In just 10 months since becoming active on, Amit completed 16 projects where he earned over US$4,500.

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