Tasks You Can Automate and the Tools You Need to Stop Wasting Time

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Entrepreneurs take on different roles to keep their business running. They, in particular, wake up each day doing recurrent tasks just to make sure they cover all the bases. If you’re among them, how many hours do you have for all the things you need to do?

You have an endless list of work including emailing suppliers, promoting your brand, and answering customer inquiries. Wouldn’t it be great to keep your priority list and fulfill your to-dos in a lesser amount of time? Stop wasting minutes or hours on activities that you can do faster and more efficiently through automation.

tasks and tools automation

What are the benefits of automation?

  • It helps you perform repetitive tasks faster.
  • It helps you focus on highly significant things like creating income-generating strategies.
  • It streamlines your business processes and makes them scalable.
  • It helps you provide better customer service.
  • It helps you save time. Lots of it.

Tasks you can automate


MailChimp has a bunch of marketing automation features you can try for your business. Aside from email marketing, there is a feature for tracking engagement and ROI from your Facebook ad campaigns. You can also connect your e-commerce store to help you generate more sales.


Since we’ve been talking about saving time, think of the minutes you can save in a day if you can open emails via your chat tool. Slack has email integration, a function that allows messages sent to special email addresses be seen in your designated channels.   

Social media

You can work on a month’s worth of social media posts in just a day and use scheduling tools like Buffer or Meet Edgar to post your content automatically on your chosen dates.

Project management

You know what else can consume much of your time? Micromanaging. Have a tool that allows you to track your project and what the rest of your team is doing, just like Asana. See everything move around closer to your business goals.


Don’t worry if you’re not a grammar police. Spot grammatical errors in your blog content or sales copy with apps like Grammarly.

Filling in online forms

Do you keep forgetting your passwords? Do you hate filling in tedious online forms? Roboform can help you face these time-consuming nightmares.

Banking services

Manage your money and track your spending more efficiently even on the go. Try Quicken. You need not go to different websites for your transactions as you can pay all your bills within the app.

Text messaging

Need to send a message to an overseas supplier at 2 AM? You don’t have to set the alarm to wake you up in the middle of your sleep to send that message. The Scheduled app will do it for you.


Infusionsoft is among the world’s top automation software that has been helping businesses achieve their goals from lead generation to sales growth. This could be your ultimate sales and marketing solution that will keep you away from dragging tasks.

Customer service

You know that if you want to keep your customers, you have to give 5-star customer service. Help Scout is a help desk software that’s made more human. It lets you personalize your customer interaction and with its automation system, you won’t have to deal with repetitive functions.

And if you still need a hand for your other projects (maybe it’s time to refurbish your website?), hire a freelancer. Focus on running your business and let the right talent get that awesome job done for you.


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