Things You Need to Know About Time Tracking

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Every hour that freelancers spend on a task is essential in completing a project. Keeping track of your time is an imperative particularly on projects paid on an hourly basis.

Before you start a project, you estimate how long it will take you to get the job done. You and your employer agreed how much you should be paid per hour worked. So you have to make sure every hour you’ve spent working are billed for. This is where time tracking becomes vital.

Tracking Productive Hours

Every activity you have in a day starts and stops at a certain period. You count the hours you spend on tasks and ensure that you use them productively. Although for some, time tracking can be distracting. When you’re too tied with it, you lose focus on your actual task and produce less than what you’ve set. That will cost you one unhappy employer.

If you want to enjoy a stress-free and productive freelancing, spend your time wisely. Don’t put too much time on non-billable work. Concentrate on your high priority tasks. Most importantly, don’t let the quality of your work be dependent on every tick of the clock.

More Reasons Why You Should Track Your Time

When you religiously track your time, you’ll discover the maximum workload you can have in an hour. You’ll also get better at beating procrastination. Why? You know you need to work because your money meter will only move if you’re producing something. As a freelancer, you’re the one responsible for your time. See what schedule works best for you.

An article published on states that “nontraditional schedule reduces stress”. As a freelancer, you can choose to work on your most productive hours so you can deliver high quality output. You have also have the freedom to pause whenever you needed so you can recharge for the next task.

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Track your work hours without putting too much energy on doing it. All you need is a trusted app. The Freelancer Desktop App will track your time as you immerse yourself on your tasks. No need to worry about accumulating unpaid hours. Plus, your invoices are automatically generated so your client won’t miss any due payment.

You can download the Freelancer Desktop App for free. It’s easy to install and is currently available in Windows, Linux, and Mac.


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