3 E-mail Marketing Tricks that Work

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E-mail marketing is an effective way to boost your online branding. It helps you directly tap your target market and compel them to patronize your brand, or see what it is about at the very least.

To make the most out of this online marketing tactic, here are three things you need to keep in mind.

1. Create an e-mail subject line that’s short and sweet.

E-mail marketing only becomes effective when the receiver actually notices the message you sent. That’s why you need to make your subject line as catchy as possible.

Keep it short and compelling. Remember that you only have a few words and about a split second to catch their attention. Subject lines that seem to drift off and leave the readers hanging like “Here are foolproof ways to make a….” have a high chance of being ignored or deleted.

Think of your subject line like a headline. You need to pique your receiver’s interest without giving too much away. Yes, you need to somehow give a hint of what your message is, but don’t completely reveal it in the subject line. Otherwise, your audience will get bored and scroll past your e-mail.

There are different ways to make a creative subject line. You can begin with asking questions, infusing a bit of humor, hinting sneak peeks or implying a list. On the other hand, avoid using the words “free" and "discounts” and exclamation points because these make your subject line appear spammy.

2. Write as if you’re talking to a friend.

More than increasing brand awareness, e-mail marketing is also about building relationships with your target market. It’s essential that you keep your message relatable, so make the tone conversational.

Aside from taking on a casual tone, your message should be able to reinforce your subject line. Offer content that's relevant, fresh, and useful to your audience. Remember, people are compelled to act on something when they know what’s in it for them. So make sure that you highlight the ways your brand or product can help them.

Although you would want to build your brand and put as many facts about it in the body of your e-mail, please don’t. Avoid mentioning technical terms.  Remember that you need to appeal to their emotions, and you can’t do that if they don’t understand what you’re saying because you sound too stiff. Besides, friends don’t talk formally, right?

3. Stay consistent.

Send regular messages to your audience. It doesn’t have to be every day, but you need to make sure that they won’t forget you. It is a good way to make your presence known and also an important part of building a relationship with them.

Timing is also important. However, it’s hard to predict which time your audience will most likely be online and see your message. E-mail analytics can help you determine open rates and find out the best time to send e-mails. It also tells you which e-mails generate traffic to your site and which ones drive the most number of sales or conversion rates.

If you want to create greater online brand awareness, make sure to add e-mail marketing to your campaign and remember these three tips as you implement your strategy. 

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