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Last week, Tim Paige, the conversion educator at LeadPages, was on Warrior Forum for the Warrior TV event, “Hack Your Way to More Conversions.” In case you missed it, here are the highlights of the event. The video recording link is available at the end of the post.

Building an Email List (When You Don’t Have Traffic Yet)

Tim recommended starting by collecting leads first and building a very simple landing page. This landing page should have the lead magnet -- an incentive or an irresistible offer to give away in exchange for your visitors’ email addresses.

Your lead magnet can be a simple opt-in resource guide featuring three to five tools that your audience can use to achieve a specific goal. Once they have the resources (downloaded a tool, an app, or anything that you offer), they’ll try it out, and when they have realized it worked for them, then they won’t mind being included in your email list.

Simple Landing Page = Successful Business

Focus your landing page on making the experience simple and easy for your audience. At LeadPages, their highest converting landing pages, webinar registration pages, and even sales pages, are typically the simplest ones that make the experience of opting in a breeze.

Video on Landing Page: Helpful or Distracting?

The answer depends on what the goal is. Tim said, if the goal is simply to get people to opt in, the video is unnecessary and almost a barrier. If you’re trying to segment your list and get people on your new list, you can post a video on the page but it won’t convert quite as well as you might like. If you’re trying to get somebody who hasn’t heard of you before, the video will be distracting. A simple headline targeting your audience’s main pain points is proven to be enough.

What Makes Up a Good Landing Page

“I recommend simplicity almost across the board,” said Tim. Social proof and video may help, but if you’re just starting out, a compelling headline, a simple clear call-to-action button, and a photo related to the offer, seem to be enough.

The Content Upgrade

ConversionCast is the LeadPages podcast hosted by Tim. One of the most effective tips shared on the podcast is about content upgrade, which was discussed by their CEO, Clay Collins. It’s about creating a lead magnet with an opt-in form in it and using this when you make content (be it a blog, a podcast episode, or a YouTube video). When somebody finds your content, they have to opt-in to get it so even if they don’t go back to your site, you can still continue to market to them because they’re already on your list.

The Conversion Rate Mistake People are Making

Perhaps the number one mistake is focusing all of their messaging on themselves as a marketer. At the end of the day, all your audience wants to know is what’s in it for them; how their problems can be solved; why your products are better than others; what’s the benefit they’re going to get out of it. Always create something that is directed at the consumer.

How Pop-Ups Work for Conversion

Based on LeadPages’ data, the more opt-in opportunities, the more conversion mechanisms that you have, the more opt-ins you will get. According to a Hubspot study, companies with 40 more landing pages generated seven (7) times more opt-ins than companies with 10 or less. Provide them something that’s going to give them value. Make them want that thing that caused the pop-up to be in their faces and interrupted their reading.

Email Frequency

Thinking the more emails, the better, is a pretty ridiculous strategy, Tim claimed. More often than not, if you’re sending too many emails, it’s going to hurt you regardless. It’s fine when people unsubscribe from receiving your emails if they’re not the right people on your list. If you’re sending emails and getting a massive amount of unsubscribe, there’s a broken link somewhere in your process. It could be the messaging with your opt-ins and conversion mechanisms, your email marketing, or maybe, your frequency is just insane for your audience.

Mobile Conversion

Every element of what you’re doing should be mobile responsive. Tim suggested that you should be focusing your marketing efforts, messaging, and your landing pages in making sure you are also catering to your mobile audience.

There are lots of ways to generate subscribers and marketing in ways that don’t just involve a landing page. One of the most effective things that they’ve found is a tool called Lead Digits, which allows you to collect opt-ins via text message.

For more of this Warrior TV event with Tim Paige, watch the video recording in this link.

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