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As a new freelancer, what do i need to do to start getting projects

hỏi bởi asangongp 17 tháng 10, 2016

I have been working on freelancer for a very long while and placed bids on so many projects but yet i have been unable to get just a single project to work on. what do i need to do to change that to the opposite and start getting projects.

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Nitin Prakash
Nitin Prakash
đã trả lời 5 năm trước
Thuê tôi

Try doing these
1. Complete your Freelancer profile (100%)
2. Showcase your past projects in your portfolio.
3. Fill out Experiences in your profile.
4. Fill out Certifications if you got any
5. Take Freelancer tests

If you complete all this, you will be definitely catching the Employer's attention even though your profile is new on Freelancer

Thanks and regards
- Nitin Prakash

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