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Completion rate Problem on Freelancer.com

hỏi bởi Codegamy 13 tháng 4, 2017

im a former toprated freelancer on a similar website
i was wondering why the completion rate here is over an indefinite period of time
in my opinion thats unfair to the freelancers as we all know , that most freelancers get better overtime
in my opinion for example if a freelancer has 1 uncomplete job it's unfair to let this count forever
on similar websites the completion rate (success score) is calculated over 12 months periode so with that said if the freelancer score droped below 100% at least he get the chance to get back by doing success jobs .
But here on freelancer.com once one gets below 100% he will never in his life get back to it im not sure why no one adressed this issue to freelancer.com
It is logical that a freelancer who hasn't completed a job in X category in a given year , that doesn't mean that he will stay always uncapable of completing that job in that category .
So if he take courses and try to improve and even complete successfull jobs in that X category he will always find that bad review following him forever .
for me this system wont reward a freelancer when he try to get better at his performance

Just a thought to freelancer.com management
Hope the topic is not long

Whish you the best guys

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