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Greg Bogdan
Greg Bogdan
answered 1 năm trước
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Freelancer.com is a webpage which brings together people who want to work (freelancers) and people or companies which are in need for employees.

For employers there are a few ways to post work, they can create projects, this is one of the mostly used method to work with employees on freelancer.com. Another option is to create contests where many freelancers can submit their work and the employer selects the winner. Employers usually post work as contest when they have creative work to done, like a logo, business card, website or software UI/UX design.

Freelancer.com does implement a feedback and evaluation system, so people who are good at what they are doing get more reputation, get higher score and higher ranking on the freelancer list.

If you are worried about not getting your money in time, Freelancer.com has a solution for this too, there are concepts like milestone payments which employers should create when freelancers start the project and gradually as the work is delivered these payments are released and the freelancer gets the payment. I think Freelancer.com is the best from the existing websites which offer this service.

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W World Tech
W World Tech
answered 1 năm trước
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Freelancer is world largest outsourcing website, where you can get many works but you will be hired depend on your knowledge of work. .

1- After creating profile be sure you complete profile with 100%
2- After completing profile go to Work --> Browse Categories --> There are many categories available select any category you as per your knowledge.
3- in category page you will find many projects select any project and ready it's brief, If project match with your skill and you can do it so select on Bid button.
4- Bid on project and write good and related description.
5- wait for chance any customer reply on your bid if your bid is real.
6- if customer is happy with your bid he will award you project and be sure before accept project customer need to create milestone without milestone don't accept project.
7- After milestone is created you accept project and start your work and show customer good result.
8-After project is created request milestone to release if customer is happy with your result of work.
9- After funds is released customer will left feedback to your account and you also left feedback to his account.
10- After completing project funds show on your freelancer account if you want to payout your funds use withdraw option there are 4-5 withdraw option you can payout.

Be sure always show customer good result and use good conversation if you want to be rehired by same customer and need good feedback.

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Rohit Jain
Rohit Jain
answered 1 năm trước
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Hi, there,
its very easy to work on freelancer
If you are an employer, just post the project.
discuss with freelancers and choose the best for you.
to get better result from freelancers & be secured follow this payment steps
create milestone but not release until get desired job done
freelancer support desk also assists promptly via live chat.
Thank you

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