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Is the monochromatic color scheme good for a flat icon set ?

hỏi bởi Waqas Shah 17 tháng 1, 2016

Is it right to create a monochromatic color palette for an icon set and apply one color with its shades, tints and tones to each icon in the set.
Please don't give your bad opinions about it if you don't like monochromatic color palette trend.
Thanks in advance :)

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đã trả lời 7 năm trước
Thuê tôi

Not necessarily bad, but it's not suitable in most of the cases. If it's an application with 4-5 icons then it could work, but if it's more than that, the monochromatic icons may look boring and you would need to implement other colours to get it back to life.

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đã trả lời 5 năm trước
Thuê tôi

its alla bout of UI interface, if its a full clean interface you i dont think you got a problem, but if is not i recommended to dont use it, an example it. Most of time i use monochromatic icons cause its easy to adapt to diffents enviroments

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