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What if a client asks a freelancer to send him/her an email to ask for project details?

hỏi bởi PCF 12 tháng 5, 2016

I am a newbie, and I'm yet to take up my first project. I got a message from a client asking me to send an email to them and ask for the project details. Is this against the rules?

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đã trả lời 6 năm trước
Thuê tôi

Well communicating with your employer is not against the rules it is encouraged. I would discourage you though from using outside email though as freelancer provides a simple way to connect from within the website using while keeping a record of your conversation. (If it is needed later in a dispute process) Be weary of people who want to use offsite communications or payments as there are NO protections from you being scammed into free labor. Create milestones and make sure they are released prior to releasing your final content.

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