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Illisia Adams
Illisia Adams
answered 1 năm trước
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In my personal and professional experience, the answer to your question is realism. Be a person, not a business.

Your customers should feel like there is a real person on the other-end of the conversation; not a computer, nor someone who is more concerned with making money than with their customer's satisfaction, nor someone who "can't be bothered", etc, etc, etc.

You should treat your customers like PEOPLE, not like customers. Build a rapport with them, treat them with respect and understanding and remember the good-old-fashioned "The customer is always right".

Of course, the customer is NOT always right, but they should feel like they are being treated as such. So, if your returns policy does not allow for a full refund, for instance, give them a partial refund. This means that they feel understood, respected and correct, and should return for further custom.

I hope that this helps.

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Michael Henry
Michael Henry
answered 2 năm trước
Hãy thuê tôi

In my opinion, The most 2 factors you need to concentrate most to gain your customers satisfaction are:

1- Quick Response: Customers are always in a hurry to get their projects done. so you have to be very quick and respond frequently, follow-up frequently. that will show how much you care.

2- Show Professionalism: Well prepared and organized companies win the game, because they show how professional they are and how they are experienced that dealing with that type of projects.

Good luck in your business :)

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