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  • rpaarquitectura
    • cách đây 8 năm

    Thanks for the feedback.

    At this point of the contest, I can not upload new designs.
    In case you choose my design, we can make any changes you want to improve the ad.
    Also check #32 , it is pretty much the same , but with some differences.

    thank you very much

    • cách đây 8 năm
  • brownstonetutors
    Chủ cuộc thi
    • cách đây 8 năm

    Hi, couple of changes:
    -Please remove "Science" and "Languages" from the list of subjects.
    -Please try to make the list look like less of a pull-down menu.
    -Please delete the text "superior tutors = superior results" and replace it with "We Take Learning Personally"

    • cách đây 8 năm