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visit to viraast-e- khalsa with my friends .Had a great fun.made memorable by clicking the photo .spend my time on it to give it a natural look.the view of surrounding is really beautifull.viraast -e-khalsa is historic place in anandpur sahib .it was recently the greatest achievement by punjab government . sardar parkash singh badal spend crores on this monument .in punjabi it is also known as ajooba .which spells wonderland in english .the interior designs are fabulous this stands great positio in hear of sikh . one must visist there. its amazing place to visit .the whole system is managed in sucha good way that one feels very pleased being there.the modern structure building,the interiors, the technology used is just standing position .it was build to highlight the history of punjab and sikhs that how we lived in old times.what are ours old traditions what are the differences that has come in our life,teachings of sikh gurus .it is most peaceful place .so overaal i recommend ,

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